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Generate a CSR request in java via SCEP

I am trying to send a Certificate Signing Request from an Android device to a server. The server is working properly with iOS devices and follows a SCEP procedure with OpenSSL. So here is my problem : I can send the signed enveloped CSR but the server can't read the enveloped CSR. I have the following error from the server : pki.rb:26:in initia

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Export images from a SQL Server using Stored procedures

I'm using Microsoft Sql server 2012 as DBMS, there I have my database which is containing informations about football players. Each player has a photography, and I need to export players photos to my computer, I guess it is possible to do it over TSQL, so I could avoid programming or editing my application to export photos only. Here is what I di

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Array List of String Sorting Method

i have an Array List with Following values ArrayList [Admin,Readonly,CSR,adminuser,user,customer] when i used Collections.sort(ArrayList) i'm getting the Following Result [Admin,CSR,Readonly,adminuser,customer,user] as per the Java doc the above results are correct, but my Expectation is (sorting irrespective of case (upper / lower case)

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How can I make SHA2 CSR file for IIS web site on windows 2012R2?

I need SSL cert for a web site but CA did not accept my CSR and told me, that is SHA1 algorithm and you should send SHA2 based CSR file. How can I create SHA2 CSR file for IIS web site on windows 2012R2 ? Solution I had same problem and this helped me: http://day.ir/en-us/articles/ssl/create-csr-sha2-algorithm SHA2 CSR *RUN > MMC > FIle> Add Re

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CSR Matrix - Matrix multiplication

I have two square matrices A and B I must convert B to CSR Format and determine the product C A * B_csr = C I have found a lot of information online regarding CSR Matrix - Vector multiplication. The algorithm is: for (k = 0; k < N; k = k 1) result[i] = 0; for (i = 0; i < N; i = i 1) { for (k = RowPtr[i]; k < RowPtr[i 1]; k

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Does the apple push notification distribution certificate signing request need to be the same as that used for the distribution cert to sign the app?

I have an existing app that I have created, and I have recently configured push notifications. When configuring, I am asked to upload a certificate signing request (CSR). I no longer have the original CSR that I used to publish my app. Is this the CSR I need to upload to the push notification configuration to receive my push notification certif

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What is the certificate enrollment process?

I am looking for a procedure of enrolling a certificate. I have searched a lot but didn't find a good answer. Till now I get that firstly I have to generate a Key store (For creating a public key and a private key) then private key should be kept private and public key is sent with other information (like name and organization) to the CA. Then the

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iPhone Developer Portal won't accept my CSR

I am using the Development Provisioning Assistant in the iPhone Developer Portal, but when I get to the part where it asks me to generate and upload my CSR, I try to upload it and it just gives me this error: The CSR selected is invalid. Please check the file and try again. Does anyone know what this means or what I can do about it?? Thanks! Sol

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Generating CSR for multi-domain

How to generate CSR for mult-domain. I found that generating CSR for single domain is as below: openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout yourdomain.key -out yourdomain.csr But how do I generate CSR multi-domain Solution For an X.509 certificate to support multiple domains, it must use multiple Subject Alternative Name DNS entries, acco

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