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program deployment

hi to all folks here, i am learning Python, just finished a book and i am starting to write programs. I just want to ask, is the "correct" way to deploy my programs to other computers, the .pyc files ?? I now that with the "-m compileall ." switch can compile a .py file into bytecodes. So i suppose that if Python has to run a

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chef deployment?

I'm interested in switching from Capistrano to Chef, but am having a few issues putting all the pieces together. I've followed http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Quick Start and am able to start EC2 instances with knife. As far as code deployment, it looks as though I want to be doing what's in http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Deploy Resourc

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CrystalReportViewer deployment

I created a VS 2008 C# MVC application which uses CrystalReportViewer to display a report. All the .dll files I used are either version 12.0.2000 or 12.0.1100. The application works well on my localhost and the dev environment. When I deployed it (on a vista virtual machine with IIS 7.0) I ran two files : 1) CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.msi 2) CRRedist200

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Web deployment task failed in web deployment

I am having an issue with deploying my website to my domain. It was online but was duplicating entries in DataBase with Entity Framework, I removed to re-allocate offline Website but when I deploy is bugging. I tried to clean solution and rebuilding but it's not working. It throws an exception on deploying: Web deployment task failed. (Unknow

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Database Deployment - An error occurred during deployment plan generation. Deployment cannot continue

I wondered if someone could perhaps help save my sanity by telling me what I'm missing here. The background first. We have 5 database projects in TC, each with a build step and then a deploy step. 4 out of these 5 projects build and deploy perfectly. The 5th however build ok but then raises the following error during deployment to the its SQL Ser

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Difference between rolling, rolling with additional batch and immutable deployments in AWS?

I am using elastic beanstalk to handle my deployments. I read the explanation for these deployment options but it was not quite clear. Could someone explain it in more simpler words please ? I am trying to build a nodejs deployment system. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Solution I think this will help a little bit. Immutable – starts b

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Using application's Log4J configuration under JBoss 7.1.1

I'm am having trouble logging using my appenders defined on my XML log4j configuration file. I created the jboss-deployment-structure.xml on my EAR's META-INF folder with no sucess. The jboss-deployment-structure.xml structure is: <jboss-deployment-structure> <ear-subdeployments-isolated>false</ear-subdeployments-isolated>

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JBoss AS 7 deployment order and timing

I have an issue here with deployment order in general and the timing in particular. I have an ear 1 which provides some functionality via a bean and some queues. The queues are configured in the standalone.xml. Another ear 2 which uses this service from ear1. So the dependency looks like: ear1 <-- ear2 So I configured the deployment structure

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Call azure powershell cmdlet from c# application fails

I'trying to automatize the process of deploying to azure cloud. My powershell script that do that, works like a charm when executing it from azure powershell commandline. When I try to invoke the same script from c # application it fails . This is my code: internal void RunPowerShellScript(string scriptPath, Dictionary<string, string> ar

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