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How to add site links to google search

i have a website and i want that users will be able to go to specific parts of the site directly from google. . how do i add it? Solution These are dynamically generated by Google. http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=47334&topic=8523 Unfortunately, you don't really have control over them besides general SEO techn

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Printing Directory Listing in Fortran

How can I print a list of all the files in a given directory using Fortran, limiting only to specific file types... For instance I only want to get the list of '.txt' files from a directory. Files in directory: file1.txt another.dat test.mp3 file2.txt file3.txt something like WHILE (not_last_file AND filetype = '.txt' ) { print FI

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C# Directory listing massive directory

Here is the scenario: I have a directory with 2 million files. The code I have below writes out all the files in about 90 minutes. Does anybody have a way to speed it up or make this code more efficent? I'd also like to only write out the file names in the listing. string lines = (listBox1.Items.ToString()); string sourcefolder1 = textBox1.Te

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Redirecting /directory/index.html to /directory/

Hey guys I'm not sure how to phrase this to get the correct search, so here goes i would like to redirect all queries for /directory/index.html to /directory/ which is (really) /directory/index.php I wrote this out but it inserts my entire web root structure (/var/www/html/directory/index.php) so it's a no go, maybe someone could help me a bit? Doe

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VBScript current directory sub directory?

I am trying to get the path of a file that is within a sub-directory of the current directory in VBScript. The following does not seem to work? currentDirectory = left(WScript.ScriptFullName,(Len(WScript.ScriptFullName))-(len(WScript.ScriptName))) FileToCopy = currentDirectory & "\test\user.js" Here is the entire code: Set oFSO = CreateObje

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Get parent directory of parent directory

I have a string relating to a location on a network and I need to get the directory that is 2 up from this location. The string could be in the format: string networkDir = "\\\\networkLocation\\staff\\users\\username"; In which case I would need the staff folder and could use the following logic: string parentDir1 = Path.GetDirectoryName(netwo

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Major Active Exception while accessing creating user : Exception 0000202B: RefErr: DSID-031007EF, data 0, 1 access points" [extended Error 8235]

I need to read the Active Directory, search users and create user functionality. I am able to use DirectoryEntry in C# and Domain is only physical server. In my production environment, I have two physical domain servers with same domain name. When I try to search the AD user or create, I am getting the following exception. Exception : "00

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