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Dotnetnuke development environment and deployment

My company is redesigning our intranet site and decided to go with DotNetNuke as the solution to implement. Now for the past year I've been trying to drive changes here about keeping development, testing, and production environments separate. I also want all changes that are relevant to the site to go into SVN, this includes data that defines the p

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DotNetNuke and Subversion guidelines

I've Googled, Binged, and here at StackOverflow, looked through the related questions and searched, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. I've also searched documentation on DNN. What I'm looking for is any guidance (tutorials, blogs, step-by-step instructions for setting up a repository) etc from people who are experienced in using DotNetNuk

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DNN Search only works when language cookie is en-US

I've a DNN 7.2 site with 3 languages and search functionality . The search works only and only if the language cookie is set to en-US . If the culture in the search service URL is fr-FR and the language cookie contains "fr-fr", which is very normal, the search will not work, if i changed the cookie manually to be "en-US" and left the url culture a

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DNN An Error Has Occurred

Is there a way to get details about this error? I turned off custom errors: It looks like I am missing a skin file. How do I get it back? I used the one from the default install of DNN 6.2.4. Solution You could look at your DotNetNuke log4net config settings and check where you are logging errors. The default location is {DotNetNuke_Root_Folder

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Migrate an existing DotNetNuke portal to windows azure

I am currently moving from my shared host to azure and I have been migrating my asp.net applications to azure/sql azure. For the mvc3/4 sites, I had to change their membership providers to the Universal Membership provider in order to get them to sit on SQL Azure. Now I have to do the dnn sites and I can't quite fathom what strategy to use. I have

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Advantages & Disadvantages of DotNetNuke?

If you have worked with DotNetNuke, what are advantages and disadvantages that you have come across? What are alternative Content Management Systems that you have used that you find are better or worst. I'm trying to get a feel of what Content Management System Frameworks people are using and the advantages and disadvantages of them. Thanks, Xai

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dotnetnuke or similar experience

Greetings: on shared server hosting we have a password protected section of our web site using simple htaccess setting. We''d like to expand significantly the number of users in the section to make more use of this section. I''m looking for a better solution even if it means changing hosts to one with a better method -- does anyone have experienc

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