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Difference between svnrdump dump & svnadmin dump

I need a dump of a svn repository. I found two solutions svnrdump dump And svnadmin dump svnrdump dump is the same of svnadmin dump? If not, what are the differences between these two commands ? Solution svnrdump generates the same dump as svnadmin dump. According to the red book: The svnrdump program is, to put it simply, esse

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What is the JavaScript equivalent of var_dump or print_r in PHP?

I would like to see the structure of object in JavaScript (for debugging). Is there anything similar to var_dump in PHP? Solution Most modern browsers have a console in their developer tools, useful for this sort of debugging. console.log(myvar); Then you will get a nicely mapped out interface of the object/whatever in the console. Check out t

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What's the Android ADB shell "dumpsys" tool and what are its benefits?

I'm looking for the full list of ADB shell dumpsys commands with a full explanation of all of the commands. Where can I find this information? Solution What's dumpsys and what are its benefit dumpsys is an android tool that runs on the device and dumps interesting information about the status of system services. Obvious benefits: Possibility

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Windows 7 Batch Script 'For' Command Error/Bug

There seems to be a bug with the Windows 7 batch file 'for' command. This command can walk through a source directory and return one filename at a time. But I found that if my command modify the files in that source directory e.g. for /R %1 %%s in (*.*) do call :do1file %%s @goto :EOF :do1file @echo es > tmp_x2932.tmp move /y tmp_x2932.tmp

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crash generate dump

My application crashes occasionally at customer machine after running for 3-4 days. Is it possible to attach the application to a debugger like ADplus automatically when the application starts? This is for generating the dump file whenever the application crashes. Solution You may want to look at the SetUnhandledExceptionFilter function.

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dump valgrind data

I am using valgrind on a program which runs an infinite loop. As memcheck displays the memory leaks after the end of the program, but as my program has infinite loop it will never end. So is there any way i can forcefully dump the data from valgrind time to time. Thanks Solution Have a look at the client requests feature of memcheck. You can p

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COBOL file dump...

Alas, I surrender... In a file from a COBOL dump, which is in ASCII, one of the fields is defined as S9(9) V99 Value 0. The value in this location is 0000018922D, which according to the author of the source, translates to 00000189224. How can this be translated via .Net? I''ve tried StreamReader and trying to convert everything to bytes, but I e

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