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Eclipse 3.6 Helios for Ubuntu 10.10

I have ubuntu 10.10 net book edition installed on my dell studio laptop. I downloaded helios for the eclipse site but when I am not able to run it. I have downloaded eclipse 3.5 from synaptic package manager but I am not able to update eclipse 3.5 to eclipse 3.6. Is der any other way to have updated eclipse? Eclipse 3.6 supports HTML 5. Please le

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Getting too many Proguard warnings

I am trying to obfuscate my java application that is packed into a SINGEL jar. The application uses SWT gui libaries among others. I have duly listed them all in the Proguard configuration file via -libraryjars, but still I get too many warnings of the same type i.e.: "Warning: library class org.eclipse.swt.accessibility.Accessible$10 extends or im

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Is it possible to have multiple Eclipse installs on one computer?

Is it possible to have multiple Eclipse installs on one computer? To make myself more clear, does Eclipse create any local settings files that other installs would mistake for their own? Solution I do Eclipse plug-in development, so I have 9 Eclipses installed, from 3.2 to 4.2 I put each Eclipse in a separate directory like this. C: eclipse-

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Can't start Eclipse - Java was started but returned exit code=13

I am trying to get my first taste of Android development using Eclipse. I ran into this problem when trying to run Eclipse, having installed version 4.2 only minutes ago. After first trying to start Eclipse without any parameters to specify the Java VM, I got an error message saying it couldn't find a Java VM called javaw.exe inside the Eclipse fo

it1352 3 2019-05-15

Easy way of installing Eclipse plugins on Ubuntu

I'm running Eclipse (versions 3.6 and 3.5) on Ubuntu and I'm having trouble installing Eclipse plugins. There is an easy way to install eclipse plugins in Eclipse, but this doesn't work for me on Ubuntu! This way only works properly under Windows and Mac OSX. Just like in the tutorial, I create a folder inside my eclipse SDK folder that is named

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Installing ADT Plugin in Eclipse for Android

I am using windows 7 and trying to install ADT plugin in Eclipse. I have tried with eclipse clasic 3.7, eclipse EE, Eclipse juno and with 4.2 also. In all cases eclipse couldn't install it. It halts at 35% to 50% . I have even put the system on for full night with 2 mbps dedicated internet(thought connection speed is problem) but in vain. Solution

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