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Emulate Mifare card with Android 4.4

I have researched Mifare and other card emulation I have very good knowledge in programming (not Android, but C/C ). I have proxmark and I have made multiple emulation codes for proxmark, so I know how the cards communicate. I don't understand currently, does android enable full card emulation. I have researched this for about 3 days now, and the

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android simulate low network connectivity

I would like to test my application for cases of low network connectivity. Except standing in the elevator, what is the best way to do this? I've tried wrapping my phone in an aluminium foil, but it didn't help much. I need to test it on a real device, not in an emulator. Solution You can use emulator for this. Take a look at this page: Android Em

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Intel AVX intrinsics: any compatibility library out?

Are there any Intel AVX intrinsics library out? I'm looking for something similar as 'sse2mmx.h' header which fall-backs to MMX intrinsics if SSE2 integer intrinsics are not available on compile time. Thus if I had similar library for AVX I could write optimized code for new hardware which would have almost optimal speed in case AVX extension isn't

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Python terminal emulation

I'd like to have an xterm-compatible virtual terminal running inside a Python app. I'll need to run ncurses-based applications inside it, feed it with user's input and read its output. So far I've found python-vte, but it only provides a GTK widget (libvte has the required VtePty class, but Python bindings don't) and has an unacceptable libgtk de

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C# Selenium Mobile Emulation in landscape

I'm doing some mobile UI testing using Selenium in a .Net environment using c#. I'm able to do testing quite successfully using the chrome mobile emulation in portrait mode, but I can not found how to put the emulation in Landscape mode. I would like to be able to programmatically rotate during testing but through research it appears this is not

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Faster way to develop and test print stylesheets (avoid print preview every time)?

This is my process right now: Save changes to print.css Open browser and refresh page. Right-click and choose Print > Print Preview (Firefox, but any browser really) It's step 3 that bugs me and I'm wondering if it's possible to cut it out of the process with a plugin or something. Just choose to view a page as print media, and then simply refr

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How to emulate USB devices?

The rest of my team will make for my application a simple non-standard USB microphone, but until they finish it I will have to emulate it, for integration testing purposes. Is there any risk in a physical loopback? Yes there is Will a physical loopback work? Only with a USB bridge There is any way to create a logical loopback? (MSDN has something

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