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Exchange 2010 - run command on mail receive

Does anyone know is there a way to make Exchange server 2010 execute some program upon mail receive for some mailbox ? For example: I have mails test1@example.com and test2@example.com I want to execute program1.exe when mail arrives to test1@example.com and execute program2.exe when mail arrives to test2@example.com I have looked all options i

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Ways to send E-Mails over MS Exchange with VBScript

I have to write a VBScript which will run on a Windows Server 03 (no Office, SMTP, etc. installed - like it's a fresh installation). This script should send E-Mails over an MS Exchange Server (on another server). So now I have a meeting with the head of the team managing those Servers. To prepare I'd like to know what ways I have to send an E-Mail

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Get-Mailboxpermission for list of Mailboxes

I want to get a list of all permissions for a specified list of mailboxes. To get all permissions for just one, I can do this: Get-MailboxPermission -Identity "Mailbox01" What if I wanted to get a list of permissions for more than one mailbox at a time? Something like: Get-MailboxPermission -Identity "Mailbox01","Mailbox02","Mailbox03" How

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Specifying the bounce-back address for email

I'm having a problem getting emails to bounce to a specific email address, different to the From address. A particular client requires that we send emails from a specific email address (call it contact@clientcompany.com). Our Exchange admins have created an account on the Exchange box so that we can log in and send from that address. Our Exchang

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Q: CDO or Outlook?

I''m building an application to retrieve emails. Which is better to use: CDO or the Outlook library? Thanks. Solution Any help here? I''ve spent a number of hours researching and all I found is the msdn website is highly recursive. I want to tie my application to either the local Outlook server or to the foreign Exchange server. I can get the app

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