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Does a firewall on a machine only block stuff from outside the machine or also from processes on the machine?

Does a firewall running on a machine only block stuff from outside that machine, or do they block communication between processes on a machine communicating via ports? Specifically, I'm writing a windows service which will expose an http RESTful service for other processes on the machine. The service will be running on a non-standard port in the d

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Apache 2.2 Reverse Proxy fails to load the images

I am trying to setup a reverse proxy to my firewall through my internal webserver. WAN -> port 80 (rewrite to port 443) -> Internal Webserver -> Virtualhost -> Reverse proxy -> Firewall This is my config: ProxyRequest Off ProxyPreserveHost Off ProxyPass /firewall/ <Location /firewall/> ProxyPassReverse / ProxyHTML

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How can I disable Windows Firewall?

Windows 7, 8.1 I get an exception when I try to disable Windows Firewall. I try to do it with admin rights. But I haven't the same problem for Windows Firewall enabling. Type NetFwMgrType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("HNetCfg.FwMgr", false); INetFwMgr mgr = (INetFwMgr)Activator.CreateInstance(NetFwMgrType); // Get the Windows Firewall status bool f

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Windows Firewall Programming

I googled many times till I created this question, so please excuse me if there are some tutorials out there. I didn't found them. How can I code a firewall application in windows? I thought about a usermode fiewall using inline hooks in every process, but there is the problem that I can't hook csrss.exe (which creates the new processes) in windows

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MSDTC and firewall

We are using MSDTC for SQL transactions. I am having issue with setting up firewall for MSDTC to work. The application and SQL are running on separate machine. Currently MSDTC is working if i turn off firewall on application server. I think there should be someway to add exception to the firewall setting for some ports. So that firewall can still b

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DTC firewall requirements?

I'm attempting to set up an environment in which a TransactionScope originating on a web server (asp.net) will flow a transaction through WCF to an application server and subsequently through to the database. Since I'm forced to use a SQL Server 2005 database, this often causes the transaction to be 'promoted' to a distributed transaction (several

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Authenticate multiple symfony2 firewalls with one login form

I have two firewalls: api (for API calls) main (for everything else) My client app login happens via the main firewall. However, it does interact with endpoints under the api firewall to fetch data. The problem here is that I don't want to force the user to log in a second time for authenticating against the second firewall. How can I authenti

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