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foreach vs LINQ .ForEach()

Why does LINQ .ForEach require a List object, while the foreach statement only requires IEnumerable? I prefer using foreach when having multiple lines and LINQ for single line statements - just for readability. But what is preferred, and why? And why the difference? Solution There is no Linq ForEach() method. The method you are looking at is a m

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Hi there. Can anybody comment on the efficiency of the following technique: foreach (SomeItem Item in SomeNativeDotNet.Collection) { // Whatever } My concern is that the "Collection" property itself may be invoked on each iteration rather than being called just once at the outset of "foreach". If so then there''s no way to kno

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LINQ Foreach vs Foreach If

I need to iterate over a List of objects, doing something only for the objects that have a boolean property set to true. I'm debating between this code foreach (RouteParameter parameter in parameters.Where(p => p.Condition)) { //do something } and this code foreach (RouteParameter parameter in parameters) { if !parameter.Condition co

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codeigniter foreach (array) in foreach

I am nubie in Codeigniter. to the point. I have query in my controller My Controller $result_criteria = $this->app_model->manualQuery("select b.nik,b.hubkel from biodata_karyawan bk left join bpjs b on b.nik = bk.nik where bk.status_karyawan = 'Aktif' and " . $bagianWhere ." order by b.nik"); $bc['dt_karyawan'] = $this->db->query("$r

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Combine four foreach into one foreach?

I am trying to add 4 foreach into one. I know how to add 2 foreach into one like this : foreach (array_combine($images, $covers) as $image => $cover) { But i want to add more two foreach $titles as $title and $albums as $album. I am not sure want like this : foreach (array_combine($images, $covers) as $image => $cover) { foreach (array_

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foreach loop vs. ForEach method - Differences?

EDIT: This question can be marked as a duplicate of this question. Is there any differences (performance or otherwise) between using a foreach loop or the ForEach LINQ method? For context, this is part of one of my methods: foreach (var property in typeof(Person).GetProperties()) { Validate(property.Name); } I can alternatively use this co

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foreach loop

is it possible to have more than 1 array on a foreach loop? Solution What do you mean? Post a sample code so we can see what you''re trying to do.yes, by adding array from while loopTry to use while loop for getting array

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Foreach Sorting

I'm not too sure if this is possible but I will try to explain it anyhow, We are trying to make a page for our guild and we want it to display the Average Item level Equipped along with their name e.g. Name | iLvL Bob 262 Sam 159 We are currently running a script that is doing the following : $members = $guild->getMembers(); This

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Foreach - recursion?

I have this code that is getting all categories and subcategories from a woocommerce based website in a hierarchical order, and it works but each and every time when I want to add a new level of depth category ->sub-cat ->sub-sub-cat ->sub-sub-sub-cat ->etc I have to add one more foreach loop i

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Nested foreach()

I have the following array: Array ( [1] => Array ( [spubid] => A00319 [sentered_by] => pubs_batchadd.php [sarticle] => Lateral mixing of the waters of the Orinoco, Atabapo [spublication] => Acta Cientifica Venezolana [stags] => acta,confluence,orinoco,rivers,venezuela,waters [authors] => Array (

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