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GitHub Mylyn connector: Getting issues from GitHub

I'm using this GitHub Mylyn connector: http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/github-mylyn-connector However, when someone is creating an issue on GitHub itself, it doesn't get updated in my tasks in Eclipse. I am working in a team, therefore want to have the possibility to share all the tasks. The idea behind Mylyn was to create tasks, sync it wi

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How to deploy a web application Aurelia in an Apache server?

To try, I used the latest "aurelia-skeleton-navigation 1.0.0-beta.1.0.1". To deploy the Aurelia web application in an Apache server I used "gulp export" command and I copied the contents of the "export" in the "www/html/myapp" directory ! So, the welcome tab works fine, but not the "github users" tab ! The error is : ERROR [app-router] Erro

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Where can I find the GitHub ID in my account?

What is the difference between GitHub username and GitHub ID? I was asked for my Github ID for a certain project and I happened to give my username. But the person is unable to find me on GitHub with my username. So I got a GitHub ID from the below URL: http://caius.github.io/github_id/ But I'm unable to find this ID from my account directly. Wh

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Github Actions: [remote rejected] master -> master (shallow update not allowed), error: failed to push some refs

In my Github workflow, I am checking out two repositories. Subsequently I merge two directories of the workflow repo "repoA" with repo "repoB". When pushing to repoB, I get an error: From ../repoA * [new branch] master -> workspace/master Automatic merge went well; stopped before committing as requested [master cbd72fe] Update To http

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Have a unique check-run for github actions workflow

I'm trying to enforce labelling PR's using enforce-label-action. name: Enforce PR label on: pull_request: types: [labeled, unlabeled, opened, edited] jobs: enforce-label: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: yogevbd/enforce-label-action@master with: REQUIRED_LABELS_ANY: "bug,enhancement,feature" The problem i

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How to get Readme.MD from Github Graphql API?

The v3 has a specific API for retrieving the readme.md file. But in the new V4 GraphQL, there is no such field in the Repository Object. Does anyone know how to retrieve the readme file? Thanks! Solution There is not yet a specific entity to get the README.md file, but you can retrieve it as you would normally retrieve any other file: { repo

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