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What is the practical use of protected inheritance?

Public inheritance is easy. A : public B means every A is a B. In most programming language, like vb.net and objective-c, this is the only type of inheritance. Private inheritance is also easy but pointless A : private B means A is implemented by B. However, that's pointless because that means A should contain B instead. Ownership means less cou

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protected inheritance

Why protected and private inheritance are defined and proposed? I understand some cases private inheritance could be used but it is not recommended. How about protected inheritance? Can anyone offer me an situation in which protected inheritance is a choice? I rarely see this. Thanks so much! Solution Private inheritance is usually used for mix

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Remove multiple inheritance in Python 3000

Please remove ability to multiple inheritance in Python 3000. Multiple inheritance is bad for design, rarely used and contains many problems for usual users. Every program can be designed only with single inheritance. I also published this request at http://bugs.python.org/issue2667 Solution GD wrote: Please remove ability to multiple inh

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classical inheritance vs prototypal inheritance in javascript

I have googled so many links and can't get good idea about the difference between classical inheritance and prototypal inheritance? I have learned some things from these but I'm still confused about the concepts. Benefits of prototypal inheritance over classical? http://aaditmshah.github.io/why-prototypal-inheritance-matters/ Classical inherit

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Java 9 Interface vs Class

As Java 9 is going to allow us to define private and private static methods too in interfaces, what would be the remaining difference in interface and class? Moreover, is Java moving towards multiple inheritance slowly? Solution Private interface methods in Java 9 behave exactly like other private methods: They must have a body (even in abstract

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Isn't polymorphism just a side effect of inheritance?

Im learning about oop just now and am struggling with the difference between inheritance and polymorphism. If i understand correctly, inheritance defines a type hierarchy and the relationship between classes. Child classes inherit behaviour from the parent class and can provide specialised behaviour of any public interface on the parent. Polymo

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