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@Async and @Transactional: not working

Please see code. When I called the method @Async loadMarkUpPCT(), data is NOT committed into the table. It behaves as if it's non-tractional. When I removed @Async from loadMarkUpPCT (Class 1), i.e. non-async, then data is committed and OK as expected: transactional) I was expecting to have the same result with @Async and @Transactional but

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Spring Data-JPA versus JPA: What's the difference?

I am bit confused about the difference between Spring Data-JPA and JPA. I know about JPA that it is a specification for persisting the Java Objects to a relational database using popular ORM technology i.e. In other words JPA provides interfaces and other ORM technologies, implements those interfaces known as JPA provider e.g Hibernate. Now what e

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can we use jpa without hibernate

I am new to JPA. As per my understanding, JPA is specification and Hibernate implements JPA and provide add on features along with JPA methods. But I was going through JPA tutorials, where using EntityManager object we can perform CRUD on data, without using Hibernate libraries! So can anyone please let me know Can I use JPA alone using Entit

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What's the difference between JPA and Hibernate?

I understand that JPA 2 is a specification and Hibernate is a tool for ORM. Also, I understand that Hibernate has more features than JPA 2. But from a practical point of view, what really is the difference? I have experience using iBatis and now I'm trying to learn either Hibernate or JPA2. I picked up Pro JPA2 book and it keeps referring to "JPA

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Websphere 8.5 with JPA 2.1

IBM used to have a feature pack to put JPA 2.0 into WAS 7. WAS 8.5.5 evidently comes with JPA 2.0. But we have an app we just upgraded to Hibernate 4, which needs JPA 2.1. I can't find a link for a WAS 8.5 feature pack to push to JPA 2.1. Has anyone else used Hibernate 4 in WAS 8.5? If so, how? Without a feature pack, we get NoSuchMethodError

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What is a JPA implementation?

I'm getting started with JPA, and I'm confused as to what exactly the JPA implementation(EclipseLink, TopLink, Hibernate, etc.) does. I understand the theoretical role of JPA, but what is the purpose of the various implementations? Are there significant differences between these choices, as there is with say, DB connectors/drivers? Which is th

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Relationship between EJB 3.0 and JPA?

That may seem obvious but I've seen contradictory statements: Is JPA part of EJB 3.0? I'm no specialist and it's quite confusing for me. If so, JPA manipulates Entity Beans? These entity beans being the interface between the persistence layer and the business layer implementing the logic with stateless beans? The underlying question for me is how

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What are the differences between Hibernate and JPA?

When i was in college learning about web programming, they told us about hibernate. We used it for a while, i even had the chance to work with it in a real scenario in a company for almost 8 months. Now that i completely switching to Java EE 6 (Im in love :) ), I use JPA for my ORM needs. It is being a few months since i use it, but i dont rea

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Difference Hibernate 3.5 / JPA 2.0

So far, I always prefered to use Hibernate directly rather than JPA 1.0, because JPA was lacking some of the important features I needed and Hibernate provided: Criteria API, second level cache, unidirectional OneToMany and a few others. Now, with the advent of JPA 2.0 and all the new features that come with it and that were initially missing in J

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