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.NET and Lotus Notes Interop

I've Lotus Notes database file (.nsf) at some location, let's say: http://intranet.mycompany.com/somewhere/data.nsf Is it possible in any way to read from that location using any .NET language? Solution Take a look at these resources: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/library/domino-msnet/index.html http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cs/lotusn

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Worklight Adapter for Lotus note

is worklight support direct connectivity to Lotus note? Can we develop mobile application which having backend as lotus note. Any pointer to same would help. Solution You can build Worklight sessions that work with IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus Notes). See Mat Newman's session from this year's IBM Connect conference to get you started: htt

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PHP SMTP Configuration (Lotus Domino)

Hi, Even after searching the web for hours, I can''t get my PHP configuration work. I have Apache and PHP installed. Now I want to use the mail() function in PHP. On the Linux server I have running Lotus Domino as SMTP server and I don''t know how to configure PHP to use the Lotus Domino SMTP server. I use the setting SMTP=localhost to access th

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How to send email in lotus notes using PHP

Need to send email using PHP via lotus notes. Notes is configured on my system. So just wanted if I could send email using PHP. Can anybody help with the code and configuration that I am supposed to do? After reading replies from all of you, I tried to nail down things from my end. I could at least move one step ahead with all your help. I could

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IIS - Cannot create ActiveX component

Hello all, I''m developing a vb.net 2.0 webservice which accesses a lotus notes database using lotus domino api. This works fine on my local client if I select "Use Visual Studio Development server" (on project properties). But as soon as I select "Use IIS Web Server" I always got error messages. One says: "Retrieving the

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Source Control in Lotus Domino Designer

We have been using Domino on a large project for years without any real source-control (other-than server backups). So, I was rather pleased when I noted the latest Designer 8.5.3 has potential integration with SVN. I was unable get SVN working just by following the original instructions for as already noted on Stackoverflow the update sites have

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