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Blank admin page on Magento 2.3.0 CE in localhost

I have installed Magento 2.3 on my local-machine, installation goes fine. I can access my store at localhost/magento. I tried to access my admin page localhost/magento/admin_pogi but it gives me a blank page and redirected to the url http://localhost/magento/admin_pogi/admin/index/index/key/a062e79f617010c42b07d662103d5142cd9bbe86314fb54da3e4cb5542

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How to create configurable product using magento api?

How can I create a configurable product using the Magento api? Solution This is possible with the magento-improve-api plugin. If you need to control which attributes your configurable product is configurable across, you'll need one of the forks of that plugin in goodscloud/magento-improve-api jdurand/magento-improve-api dexteradeus/magento-impro

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Magento CSRF protection

I am looking at custom forms in Magento. I saw these tutorials http://fastdivision.com/2012/03/29/diy-magento-create-ajax-login-registration-forms-for-your-magento-theme/ http://inchoo.net/ecommerce/magento/magento-email/magento-custom-email-contact-form-with-notification-system/ I did not see any mention of CSRF prevention, like checking a clie

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How to connect multiple external databases in Magento?

I need to connect to some external databases from Magento. I found one tutorial to Create an external database connection in Magento. This tutorial was helpful and it worked for connecting to one external database. But, I have to connect more than one external databases. How can I connect to more than one external databases (suppose 5 external dat

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android connect to magento

i am using eclipse for development of android application. i want to connect my application to magento. i am new developer so i have not too much idea about this. below i mention some problem which i want to solve:- my database is in mysql and mysql connect to magento. so how my app connect to magento? if i connect my app to magento through w

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How to create webservices from Magento for mobile app android

The eCommerce site was developed using Magento. So, we need mobile app for that website. We need to access the web services generated from Magento to access data in mobile. Solution First of all you have to go Magento admin panel then you have to create user for Magento API. FOR creating user in Magento just goto System->Web Services->SOAP/XML-RP

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Android app for Magento store using REST or SOAP?

I am developing android app for Magento online store. I have read many blogs, SO questions before asking this question. I found that REST is much more better then SOAP. Because of JSON and advantage over SOAP's overheads etc. But at some where I found that Magento developer doesn't provide all the functions for REST APIs. I don't know it's true or

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Docker MYSQL '[2006] MySQL server has gone away'

i have a little problem with mysql server. i created my docker-compose.yml, but when i want to access to phpMyAdmin (localhost:8080), an error message appeared sais that: "phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. Please check the values ​​of host, username and password in the configuration and make su

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How would test cron with Magento?

First I need to understand how Magento cron works. I know how cron works on linux, using crontab -e. I know I need to set up Magento's cron.php to run periodically But when I define cron within magento config file, how does they match that they should be run? Because if set my cron.php to run every 15 min (0,15,30,45 * * * *) and I have a Magen

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