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Maven 2 Projects

I have 2 projects Sever side project which does the CRUD operations. (Lets say P1) Client side JSF presentation layer java web project. (P2) Since P2 would depend upon all the entities in P1, I have included P1 in the build path of P2. (Not through maven) Everytime I make changes to P1, I have to export a jar and place it in Tomcat webapp fol

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JavaFX with Maven

I recently started a JavaFX project, and I'd like to use Maven as my compiler/deployment tool. Is there a good tutorial or plugin to integrate JavaFX and Maven? Solution Starting with Java 7u9 I think JavaFX is shipped together with Java SE runtime and the rest, so it makes it pretty easy to create a Maven-based JavaFX project. Here is what you

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Migration from ant to Maven producing 100 jars

We are trying to migrate our builds from ant to maven. Project I am working for is using ant since ages. Scripts are real complex where build artifact is a zip file having a definite directory structure. Build creates about 108 unique jars and packages them to this zip file along with many config files and other 3rd party jars. We need this zip fi

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Maven exec plugin- how to include "system" classpath?

I have a project that uses "system" scope to specify a jar file included in my project's WEB-INF/lib dir. This artifact is not in any of the maven repositories, so I must include it as part of my project. I do so with the following: <dependency> <groupId>com.example</groupId> <artifactId>MySpecialLib<

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JAVA_HOME gets mangled by Maven

I'm retrofitting bunch of existing Java projects with unified Maven build. Since each project is mature and has established Ant based build all I'm using maven-antrun-plugin to execute existing build.xml as follows: <plugin> <artifactId>maven-antrun-plugin</artifactId> <executions>

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build maven project with propriatery libraries included

How to create maven pom, which will make project buildable, can I include propriatery jars with my project directly without having to take them from repository? anyone did this before ? EDIT : I don't want to make it runnable by building assembly with dependencies jar, I want it to be buildable. So anyone having this project is able to build it,

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Maven download files from one plugin from different repositories

I have strange problem. I have own remote repository and upload their plugin. Then I try to download it while packaging project. Maven start to download from own_remote_repo but downloading 1 file start to search another files at repo1.maven.org/maven2 and of course could not found plugin and fails. I have used this repo many times before without

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