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android-maven-plugin: Disable debug build for apk

I am not clear about the exact procedure for disabling debug build while building with android-maven-plugin: I understand that the export wizard with ADT(21.1) will automatically disable debugging but it is broken as BuildConfig.DEBUG always returns true and my logging used to depend on it. (Now I have my own property for logging defined in my mav

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Passing arguments to Maven release build

I'm trying to release a library using Maven and perform a site-deploy to sourceforge (I have create an interactive shell first). The release is done by a Jenkins job (using the Maven Release Plugin for Jenkins). I tried: -X -e -Dresume=false -Dusername=puce release:prepare release:perform -Darguments="-Dusername=puce" and -X -e -Dresume=false

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Using maven-release-plugin with GitHub "You can't push to git://github.com/..."

Recently having switched source code repository for a project to GitHub from SourceForge I need to update the maven release process to match. I followed this link for configuring the "scm" section of the pom. The GitHub repository is shown here. Everything else is as it was when using SVN (for publishing to https://docs.sonatype.org/display/Reposit

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Maven release plugin git credentials

We are using Jenkins and just switched from a file based git repo without authentication to using GitBlit with proper authentication over http. The problem is - how is maven supposed to authenticate itself in batch mode? Updating each job with -Dusername and -Dpassword (and thus storing the password in the jobs) doesn't seem very feasible. I've r

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How to disable maven release plugin check local modifications?

I use maven release plugin. In my pom exists and Ant task that automatically fix some properties files with additional information. This fixes should not be in SCM. But maven don't finish with success for error: Cannot prepare the release because you have local modifications Does it possible to set some parameters to don't check local modificat

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