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Is there a SVN Maven?

Is there something for maven like http://subclipse.tigris.org/svnant.html ? Something to automate your project updates without having to click update? Solution The Maven SCM Plugin does support Subversion. Check the Usage page.

it1352 0 2019-05-08

How do you get git integration working with m2eclipse?

I'm trying out m2eclipse, and I see it has some functionality to checkout a maven project directly from SCM. According to this page, it supports a whole bunch of different SCM tools including git. However, when I get to that "Checkout as Maven project from SCM" dialog, the drop-down that lets you choose the type of repository is devoid of choices.

it1352 0 2019-05-17

How can I do a git pull in Maven?

I'm new to both maven and git and wanted to get some help in setting a project. Is there a way to define a goal in the pom to push/pull from git during linked to a maven phase? For example, can I pull from git during the maven install phase? If yes, how can that be accomplished? I would appreciate any code examples. Solution Good idea or not, he

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how to git push with maven

As part of my build I am creating some files. I would like maven to commit and push these files. I have looked at the maven-scm plugin and I can't see how to do a push. I can see commit but not push. Is there any way to do a git push with maven? Solution See http://maven.apache.org/scm/maven-scm-plugin/checkin-mojo.html#pushChanges pushChang

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m2eclipse - No Connectors for SCM?

I have installed m2eclipse plugin to a remote machine with no connection to the internet, I manually did the plugin installation by copying the contents from features and plugins directories. Now When I am trying to Checkout Maven project from SCM (my local repo), it doesn't shows me any connectors!~!~ Although there is an option to Find the SCM

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Syntax of the pom.xml scm connection string

I'm cleaning up pom files in my project and find out I use two slightly different scm records: <scm> <connection>scm:git:https://github.com/jadler-mocking/jadler.git</connection> <developerConnection>scm:git:https://github.com/jadler-mocking/jadler.git</developerConnection> <url>https://github.com/ja

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Maven Password Encryption for Other Properties

I would like to use Maven's password encryption such as it uses for nodes for properties of a Mojo. I tried just pasting an encrypted password into the correct property for the mojo, but it treated it as plain text. I was hoping there was an attribute I could set on the annotation for the Mojo property that would explain that it could be encrypted

it1352 4 2019-05-16

Eclipse loops endlessly: Invoking 'Maven Project Builder'

Ugh! My Eclipse is stuck in an endless loop: No operations to display at this time Refreshing Workspace Building Workspace. Invoking 'Maven Project Builder' on /MobileWebApp The building workspace never gets past 58%. Details: Google's GWT provides a sample app MobileWebApp. They suggest adding it to Eclipse via File > Import > Checkout Mav

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