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How to set where maven installs plugins?

I've tried building a project with maven 2.2.1 and received the following error Notice the "directory cannot be created" - the reason I believe is that D: is a drive that was encrypted by TrueCrypt and is now actually H: (D: remains as a physical drive not accessible through Windows) How do I make maven try to install the plugin on H: instead of o

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How to bind IntelliJ IDEA random open ports to localhost only?

When I run IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.6 (Ultimate or Community edition) on macOS, I observe that 3 random ports are open on all network interfaces (eth0, lo, ...). One random port is open by the idea process and the two other ports are open by a different java process launched by IntelliJ IDEA. I've removed the only plugin I've explicitly installed whic

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Using maven-release-plugin with GitHub "You can't push to git://github.com/..."

Recently having switched source code repository for a project to GitHub from SourceForge I need to update the maven release process to match. I followed this link for configuring the "scm" section of the pom. The GitHub repository is shown here. Everything else is as it was when using SVN (for publishing to https://docs.sonatype.org/display/Reposit

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Unable to run playn sample project - compile errors

I've tried to follow the instructions on the getting started page for playn and run into problems when running the first program java showcase. I get the following errors when right clicking and running Maven test. Also I get numerous errors in the problem tab of eclipse related to (failure to transfer xxx from yyy) where xxx is some jar file and

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Using maven outside of Eclipse

I am already using maven outside of eclipse, but would like to use Eclipse as my main editor. I don't want to use the maven already embedded with M2E. I want to use mine located at /usr/bin/mvn. Under Window > Preferences, I try to add a maven installation at /usr/bin/mvn (clicking Ok does nothing; stays at the same window) and at /usr/bin (give

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Maven for other languages?

I am relatively new to the world of Java and Maven, but I couldn't imagine starting a new Java project without using Maven. The idea of providing a human-readable project model is something that I would imagine is universally desirable across many languages. This is especially true when your application relies upon numerous external libraries. Ar

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why is there the error "No plugin found for prefix 'help' in the current project" when I write mvn help:effective-pom in the command prompt?

I'm reading a tutorial about maven and it should be mentioned that I know nothing about it. I have done first and second chapter successfully which was about it's setup. but in chapter 3 which is "Maven Pom" I have a problem. In last paragraph it says to make a "pom.xml" file in any directory you wish and write this in it: <project xmlns="http

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Why maven settings.xml file is not there?

I installed maven plugin for eclipse and was able to use it only in eclipse. I want to be able to run maven commands from terminal so installed maven as explained in the below link: http://www.mkyong.com/maven/how-to-install-maven-in-ubuntu/ My questions are I could not find settings.xml in this path /home/raki/.m2/ -- What should i do for this

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