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Android Google Play navigation drawer style

There is any tutorial or code how to make the navigation drawer listview will be show like Google Play or Google Play Music Navigation Drawer? I want my Nav Drawer look like this: Can you help me with this? Thanks Haim. EDIT:I know how to build navigation drawer, I want a style for the navigation drawer that my nav drawer will look like the

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Navigation Drawer to switch activities instead of fragments

Is it possible to use a navigation drawer in android but instead of updating fragments, i would like to switch between activities as my means of navigation within the app. Solution Yes it is possible - it's what I did for my app. I already had a number of activities set up, and rather than convert them all to fragments, I wanted to tailor the navi

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Navigation drawer 2.3 gingerbread

I am trying to implement navigation drawer in my android app. I used This tutorial : http://manishkpr.webheavens.com/android-navigation-drawer-example-using-fragments/ which shows to implement the navigation drawer with the use of fragments. But my app force closes as I am trying to run it on API 10 (Gingerbread) But it works only on 3.0 Honeycomb

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ActionBarDrawerToggle.syncState Doesn't show the hamburger icon?

UPDATE: I have found the hamburger icon from google's github (https://github.com/google/material-design-icons/blob/master/navigation/drawable-xxhdpi/ic_menu_white_48dp.png) but passing the drawable resource to the ActionBarDrawerToggle and calling syncState doesn't show the hamburger icon contrary to other post's suggestions (Appcompatv7 - v21 Navi

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How to add Navigation Drawer to all the activities in the application?

Whats the efficient way to add Navigation Drawer on all the activities? I don't want to repeat the code for Navigation Drawer in all the activities and their layouts. Is it possible somehow to add Nav. Drawer in BaseActivity(custom class) and then every other activity will extend BaseActivity inorder to have the Navigation Drawer ? Solution Is

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Close Navigation Drawer on application start

I have developed an application with Navigation Drawer. Whenever the application starts for the first time, it has navigation drawer open. Is there any way I can set it as closed? Below is the auto generated code for your understanding. import com.example.navigationdrawer.R; import android.support.v7.app.ActionBarActivity; import android.app.A

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