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Changing java platform on which netbeans runs

I am using Netbeans 6.7. I had first installed Java 1.5 before installing Netbeans. When i installed Netbeans it took Java 1.5 as the default version. Then i installed Java 1.6 on my machine. I need to change the default JDK of my netbeans to 1.6 not only to a specific project but to the whole Netbeans application. Solution You can change the JDK

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NetBeans could not install some modules

I am using NetBeans 7.4 DEVELOPMENT VERSION 2, All packages. First I used NetBeans 7.2, All packages. Then I was notified that I have updates. So I updated it to 7.4 DEVELOPMENT VERSION. Then again I was notified that I have updates, and I started updating. But by mistake, I clicked a php file while NetBeans was updating, and an error occurred th

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Glassfish server 3.1.2 only works once

I am having trouble with Glassfish 3.1.2 on Netbeans 7.3. Every time I click on the "Stop server" button on Netbeans, I have to create a new domain because it does not start when I run the application. I have been looking around, but until now, I have not found any possible solution for this. Does anyone know what may be happening with this? Than

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Which java compiler is used by NetBeans?

If I tell NetBeans (6.9) to compile on save, NetBeans warns me the compiled classes are not identical to classes compiled with JDK's compiler. The Java platform is set to "JDK 1.6" in the same dialog. Which compiler is used by NetBeans? Why doesn't NetBeans use the JDK compiler? Solution Like Eclipse, Netbeans does not use standard javac so tha

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How to persist changes to Glassfish properties in Netbeans (v8)

I don't use the Derby database in Glassfish, and I don't want it to be automatically started when Glassfish starts. In Netbeans (v8) Services --> Servers --> Glassfish Server --> Properties --> Common I turn off the "Start Registered Derby Server" flag -- which works for the current session of Netbeans, only; the next time I start N

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where is the NetBeans config file (netbeans.conf) located?

my NetBeans has ugly fonts in interface. I'm going to make antialiasing for it. In internet I saw that there is should be -J-Dswing.aatext=true -J-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on in netbeans_default_options. This file should be located in /etc/netbeans.conf. But there isn't this file. I have NetBeans 6.8. Help, please. UPD: [ockonal@winc

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java.util.NoSuchElementException in basic Scanner usage

I want to take an input from user with using Scanner in my project. It gives same error so i created another project to try Scanner only but it still gives this error. I looked up for solved questions in stackoverflow but they're large codes than mine, so maybe NoSuchElementException caused by their codes. I mean isn't it weird in simple Scanner c

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isssue when building the project in netbeans 7.1.2?

Hi all i have a project in netbeans 7.1.2 and i get the following problem while i try to build the project D:\netbeans_workspace\Servlets-DWR\nbproject\build-impl.xml:479: The libs.CopyLibs.classpath property is not set up. This property must point to org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar file which is part of NetBeans IDE inst

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