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Android networking

We are implementing a sever-client architecture and some of the client apps are supposed to run on android OS. The first idea that came to mind was to use java RMI, but the RMI api is obviously not implemented for android. So 1) Is there a way to use the java RMI api in an android application? Can I just import it from the standard java library?

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iPhone Networking

If I have make an application, how would I make it interact with a database on a server of mine? I'm kind of lost, and don't know where to start. Solution You might try Apple's "Getting Started with Networking & Internet" or "Introduction to the URL Loading System", in addition to the Networking section of the iPhone Application Programming Gu

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NSURLSession background upload not working

I'm trying to upload a series of files from iPhone up to a server, with the intent that the upload of these files happen even when the App is in the background or suspended. I'm using background transfer provided by NSURLSession and its series of APIs. what was odd was it it was fully working 2 weeks ago. As in: I would click the "upload" but

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networking in android

i had to develop a app in android for mobile blogging (to update a site by this app). How can i develop this app..pls any one give a overview.. Solution http://developer.android.com/index.html Install the SDK, read the tutorials, get started. Then come back with specific questions once they pop up.

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networking the db

Ok-I have a question about putting our database out on the network. The guy that was helping me with this went out of town and it seemed to be working when he was here but now we are having some issues so any help would be SO MUCH APPRECIATED! :-) Well I created this db for a multiple users. I made it to where you have to have a login name and pas

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Synchronization in multiplayer networked game?

Recently I have been working on a multiplayer networking app. I had successfully implemented the client server model using Bonjour services and NSStream objects. The two way communication has been done successfully. The problem I'm facing is: the two devices running the app are connected via local wifi. There is a latency problem while sending the

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What are ports in networking?

I am studying Networking in java.I am not clear about what are ports. Also i need to know about what is a socket? Please explain it well. Solution PORTS : In computer networking, the term port can refer to either physical or virtual connection points. Physical network ports allow connecting cables to computers, routers, modems and other per

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Java: Best Place to Begin Learning Basic Networking

I am trying to write a simple networked chat program in Java. I have almost no networking experience. I was wondering what resources I should begin looking at (beside here of course). Sticking with the core Java API would be best for now. Solution I found a great tutorial into networking and java from sun's own website: http://download.oracle.c

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Docker networking on single host with compose

I am trying to run docker networking with compose in docker 1.9. I know this is still experimental in 1.9, but I'd like to know if my use case could work. Basically and to simplify, I have two servers, each one being in a container. Let's call them S1 and S2. S1 is exposed globally and must be accessible from S2. I want to run S2 through docker-co

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