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How do I get started with Node.js

Are there any good resources to get started with Node.JS? Any good tutorials, blogs or books? Of course, I have visited its official website http://nodejs.org/, but I didn't think the documentation they have is a good starting point. Solution Tutorials NodeSchool.io interactive lessons The Art of Node (an introduction to Node.js) Hello World He

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Sending data from node.js to Java using sockets

I'm trying to send data from node.js to Java through sockets. I searched around but nothing was really useful. I'm used to socket.io but in this case it doesn't seem really suitable for this. It seems like all the socket extensions for node.js are not really suited for sending messages, but rather listening to messages and answering something. My

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How does Node.js perform compared to Apache?

Is Node.js quicker and more scalable than Apache? Are there any performance figures to back up Node.js's performance for a web application over Apache? UPDATE: Ok maybe my question (above) is confusing because I am a little confused as to how Node.js sits within a web stack. Under what circumstances should I consider using Node.js instead of a mor

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Change directory in Node.js command prompt

I want to move to another directory in Node.js command prompt but when I open the Node.js cmd window it doesn't show me any path. Here is the screenshot of the Node.js cmd window: Now if i want to change directory to D:\abc then how can i do it here? Solution That isn't the Node.js command prompt window. That is a language shell to run JavaScri

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Django MongoDB vs Node.js MongoDB

I have up and running a website with sync services that built using Python(Django) MySQL. For a long time I'm looking to the Node.js and MongoDB side. I'm close to make a decision to move to MongoDB part of the system that hosts data from user's desktop clients and used by sync service to sync data between clients. I'd like to keep the rest of th

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can openshift give me a open port for nodejs server in django app?

I create an django based app in openshift. already I want to add node.js to it.But node.js needs open port for listening : var http = require('http'); var server = http.createServer().listen(4000); first I decide to install node.js from here but I got error: You can only have one framework cartridge in your application 'djangoApp'. I searc

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online Node.js server

Is Node.js mature enough to make entire web applications in it? I mean entirely in Node.js. I read somewhere that for some reason there should be (for example) nginx behind Node.js. Is it true? Can't Node.js stand alone? Are there any online websites built on Node.js? Solution in my opinion this isnt true anymore. you can do two things: use scr

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Why do we need apache under Node.js express web framework?

I am going to deploy my node.js application. I can start my own web application with purely node.js only. But my fd told me that it is better to serve that web app under apache or nginx. Anyone have such kind of experience, why do we need apache as I can start my web app on node.js express only? I would like to know more on deployment knowledg

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