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NuGet fails to find existing package

How it's possible that NuGet's Install-Package fails with Unable to find version 'x' of package 'y' when that exact version is released as NuGet to official repository and it shown on the https://www.nuget.org/packages/y page. Here is specific sample with nuget.org content and NuGet Install-Package command output. UPDATE. Package sources are

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NuGet Package Dependencies

Is it true that for every dependency that a package has on some other library, that those libraries need to be resolved and installed as well? For example, I created a package which uses NLog, Postsharp and WindowsAzure.Storage: Do clients of my package now have to install these packages as well? Why is it not possible to include these depende

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Nuget packages without nuget package manager?

What does a nuget package actually consist of, apart from the compiled libraries? Is it possible to download these packages without using the package manager and use them elsewhere? Thanks! Solution What does a nuget package actually consist of, apart from the compiled libraries? Take a look here. Basically it is a file with the .nupkg exte

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NuGet package restore consent without NuGet

We recently added a few dependencies to our project using NuGet. To keep the binaries out of the version control system, I enabled the package restore feature and added the resulting .nuget folder to the repository. Also the project with the dependencies got the RestorePackages option set to true, and an Import-tag for the nuget.targets within the

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Copy files from a subfolder to root in nuspec

I'm trying to copy a bunch of files from a specific folder into the root of a nuget package. Here's how it looks in my nuspec file: <files> <file src="dist/product1/**/*.*" /> </files> I want the files under dist/product1 be copied to root of nuget package but instead all files go to dist/product1 folder in nuget file, meanin

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NuGet - Installing Individual Packages reporting "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."

When using a local NuGet server, whenever I try to install an individual package from that server, all I get is this error: "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." The packages are all there in the filesystem and the feed itself sees all the packages appropriately. I can even browse the package directly! What am I missing? I d

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Add native files from NuGet package to project output directory

I'm trying to create NuGet package for a .Net assembly which does pinvoke to a native win32 dll. I need to pack both the assembly and the native dll with the assembly added to the project references (no problem at this part) and the native dll should be copied into the project output directory or some other relative directory. My questions are:

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Transforming .csproj using nuget package

I know it is possible to transform source code files and config files using a custom Nuget package. Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere on how to be able to append to or change a .csproj file. Is this possible? Solution The only file modifications that are directly supported in NuGet without resorting to PowerShell are: web.config and app.con

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How to specify specific dependency version in nuspec?

I'm creating my first nuget package. I added a dependency with a version that is not the latest version. However, I don't want to update to the latest version of this dependency. Is it possible to instruct it to use the specific version? <dependencies> <dependency id="NHibernate" version="" /> </dependencies> Whe

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