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Sending email via Powershell using secure password

I'm trying to test sending an email but I don't want to just have a plaintext password in my script. Here's what I have, and this works: $SmtpServer = 'smtp.office365.com' $SmtpUser = 'fubsygamr@office365.com' $smtpPassword = 'Hunter2' $MailtTo = 'fubsygamr@office365.com' $MailFrom = 'fubsygamr@office365.com' $MailSubject = "Test using $SmtpServe

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Using INDY 10 SMTP with Office365

I'm not familar with the INDY SMTP component. I want to send a mail with INDY and Office 365. Here is a nice topic which helped me a lot: What do the SMTP Indy component security and authentication properties do? But I did not figured out how to use SASL. Office365 adress is smtp.office365.com with port 587 and TLS. So I added an SMTP and an OpenSS

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office365 Authentication

I have a MVC4 portal that needs the users to be authenticated by office 365 not SharePoint. users for different organizations will be authenticated by this portal. Just as https://login.microsoftonline.com/, regardless of your domain/organization is, when you enter your email address and password, office365 authenticate you and take you to your acc

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Howto add Azure AD as AWS Cognito Federated IdP

G'day Everyone. I have a Web application running with AWS S3, RDS, Lambda and API Gateway using an AWS Cognito user pool as login service. This is working good so far. But now i would like to integrate it with Azure ID. Does someone has a good documentation about it. I can only find documentation for the other way round or for integration Azure A

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Accesing sharepoint online from various clients

I have a sharepoint online site were I'm using announcements. These announcements I would like to consume in a Cordova app and also on a HTML5 site that I have on some info screens. I have been looking into using the REST service and app for sharepoint. Example: var requestUri = 'https://site.sharepoint.com/_api/web/lists(guid\'someGuid')/items'

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