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ggplot2 remove legend.key box after combining multiple geom layers

I am quite new to ggplot2 and it's been challenging to reproduce a similar chart in Excel. I almost got it to work, but now I need to figure out a way to make the geom_point/line's legend key (3rd item in the legend) to not show the box around it. Note: I know there are answers to similar problem by using theme(legend.key = element_blank()), but

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How to use rapidshare API to get Account Details ?? PHP question

I get a long string like this : accountid=*** type=prem servertime=1247000294 addtime=****** validuntil=**** username=8 directstart=1 protectfiles=0 ... how to get values from it using php ?? i mean how to set accountid's value to a variable ?? like $username = VALUE OF ACCOUNTID ? i tried strpos , but.. i dont know how to get it .. please help m

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How to use RapidShare API to get Account Details?

When I try to use the RapidShare API to get account details, I get a long string like this: accountid=******* type=prem servertime=1247000294 addtime=********** validuntil=********* username=*****8 directstart=1 protectfiles=0 ... How can I get values from it using PHP? To be more specific, how can I set the value of accountid to a variable? Fo

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Connect to Dynamics CRM 2016(On-Premise) from Android

I want to integrate Android application with Dynamics CRM 2015 Online and On-Premise. For online version Connect Android App to Dynamics CRM using Web API this works fine, But ADAL dependency is not supported for OnPremise. Are there any resources which show the basic steps to access the Microsoft CRM on-premise. Any sample code around same for co

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Can a non-shared VPC communicate with a shared VPC direct connect on-prem network?

Assuming I have two VPCs VPC-A (non shared, peered with VPC-B) VPC-B (a shared VPC which is configured with direct connect with on prem network) If I have a VPC endpoint/interface for API Gateway Private RestAPI within VPC-A, can an on-prem network communicate with that private VPC endpoint if VPC-A is peered with VPC-B, since VPC-B is connected

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unicode supports vb.6.0?

hi, tell me whether vb.6.0 supports unicode. if yes with code example. what is unicode. Solution please stop posting questions, ever one of the last unicode questions came from the IP which is you each time. If you would actually read the replys to them you''d figure out this is not the place to ask that, and no one here will be able t

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