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Hi folks, I tend to prefer C, and of course I know that structs can be used in C to achieve something like an object-oriented design. And I prefer C in part because C has, I think, grown into a bit of a monster wherein readability is sacrificed. But I wonder, has anyone ever tried to create a sort of lite version of C , a C if you will, that a

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OOP and properties in VB

-- hello When using properties with OOP, VB6 had Get/Let and VB.net has Readonly/and .... Are theses OOP concepts with Property use or only specific to Visual Basic properties, With this property use does C have this as well or just Visual C .? Solution John, In dotNet all programs made in managed code can use mixed the classes made and whi

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OOP: asp vs. php

What are the differences between ASP''s OOP and Php''s? /Jacob Solution ASP is full OOP with all the feature of OOP, PHP is not yet OOP but the version 5 is almost near. Hope the next version (PHP6 ?) will be more OOP. Savut "Jacob Larsen" <po**@jfl.dk> wrote in message news:3f***********************@dread15.news.tele.d k... Wh

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Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Hi. I''m new to this group. I''m refreshing/learning C and am starting to learn Object Oriented Programming (OOP). In discussing this with people I came up short as to what the benefits of OOP are. For example: As I understand it, OOP has its main benefit in software reuse. Thus one develops a software library of classes and this cuts down the ov

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C and C

I have a question on how closely C and C are related. If i am correct C is OOP while C is not. Now how closely can an OOP language and a procedural language be related? How much knowledge of C is required to understand C ? Thanks. Solution wilberX wrote: I have a question on how closely C and C are related. If i am correct C is OOP

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To OOP or not to OOP

This is partially an opinion question. I have some modularization for my main site using vanilla PHP. I''m a one-man operation. Is there any major benefit to learning and using OOP? I have lots of other stuff to be spending my limited intelligence learning. Solution On May 28, 3:44 pm, "Gregor" <rmba...@comcast.netwrote: Thi

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OOP leads to lousy websites?

There has been a number of threads in this newsgroup concerning OOP and PHP. Usually people just debate on which language is more (or less) OOP than others. The merit of OOP in the web-programming context is rarely addressed. So let me pose this question: Are websites built based on OOP principles inherently less stable than those built "proce

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OOP: should I learn it?

I''ve been spending alot of time learning vb.net the past 6 months (for regular winform apps. Been somewhat experienced in asp.net for a few years) But my style has been using Procedural techniques, rather than OOP. Lately i''ve read more and more how OOP is the way to go. So i''m trying to learn it, and boy is it difficult if you''ve not worked

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