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What are the best Open Source tools for developing Flash applications? What are the best places to start learning?

As far as tools go, I am aware of Haxe, MTASC, and swfmill. Can you offer any success or horror stories related to any of them? Are there any others that I should be investigating? With respect to learning, the Adobe Developer Connection seems to contain decent reference materials, but the tutorials all assume that the reader is using the "Adobe

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What is the best way to organize my C project code and its external libraries?

I'm starting a new C project, which is largely OSS-based. It'll also be on SourceForge, and I'd like to take this opportunity to learn established best practices for organizing this kind of code. I'm using libraries like libcurl and libz, and I'll compile it using MinGW and MSYS. I'll be distributing copies the source of all libraries I'm using wi

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Online Based Apache Web Log Analyzer By Submitting Just the Raw Logfile

I have a raw "access.log" file from Apache. Is there any web based version tool where I can just submit this raw log file and return me the analysis results I am aware of the code such as AWSTATS, but it require us to install it in the server, which is not what I want. Solution Instead of uploading the access.log file to an unknown and untrusted

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What is the meaning of the /dist directory in open source projects?

Since I first saw a dist/ directory in many open source projects, usually on GitHub, I've been wondering what it means. (I'm a foreigner, no native in english) With dist, vendor, lib, src, and many other folder names that we see quite often, I sometimes wonder how I should name my own folders. Correct me if I'm wrong! src: Contains the *sources

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c open source project recommend

I have learned c about three years and I have not used c in an actual project. I only used it to write some small program and example, I have read many books about c and algorithm, "c primer", "effective c " "exceptional c " "c common knowledge" " introduction to algorithm" ..., so I want to use it in an open source project to improve m

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How to pick an open source project to join?

I am interested to join an Open Source project using .net; I would like to be able to choose between a mature project and a starting one, as well as other criteria. What do you suggest? (specific projects are welcomed). Later edit: I am disappointed by the arrogant comments / answers received so far. Picking an OS project to contribute to is no

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List of Open Source projects that aid Android app development

A lot of open source libraries that aid in Android application development have sprung up with time. IMO looking at source code of good projects helps learn the system better, faster and not to mention reduces development time. Is there a recommended list of such projects or if not, can we build such a list? I think it will really be useful to othe

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Is java an open source programming language?

I know that Python, Ruby, Perl are all open source, but is Java really an open source programming language? I have been searching on Google too, but I didn't find a proper answer. Solution Yes, or it will be eventually (there may still be some things they're working on replacing since they were used under licence). Sun committed to making it open

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