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Silently ignored remove()

There is entity A referring (many-to-one) entity B, with inverse (mapped-by) reference from B to A. Also there is reference A to C and inverse reference C to A. When I issue entityManager.remove(A) then flush(), "delete" is not gerenated! But also there are no exceptions. It's just like no remove() was called at all. Why would that happen? If befor

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JPA orphan removal does not work for OneToOne relations

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue: https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HHH-9663? I am also facing a similar issue. When I created one-sided (no reverse reference) one to one relationship between two entities and set the orphan removal attribute to true, the referenced object is still in the database after setting the reference to nu

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unregister/delete all child nodes of a div tag in dojo

I have a div tag, lets say "mydivTag" It has a child node under it with an ID of "childID" I want to delete/unregister/whatever "childID" and then recreate a different node with the same ID, "childID" How do I achieve removal of the first object with ID "childID" so that when I make my new object with that same ID, I don't get an error about the

it1352 0 2019-05-15

JPA 2 / Hibernate orphan removal still not working with @OneToMany?

I'm trying to use orphanRemoval in Hibernate 4.3.5 / JPA2 objects but it does not seem to be working as I expected. I am not sure, however, if I am doing something incorrect, or if this is still a bug in Hibernate. Given the following relationships (@Version, getters and setters omitted for brevity): @Entity public class Provider implements Seri

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How to make existing branch an orphan in git

Is there a way to make an existing branch an orphan in git? git checkout --orphan seems to only create a new orphan? Solution Do I understand you right, that you want the orphaned branch to already have a history of commits? If so, here's a solution. First you need to pick a commit to start the new branch at. In my example this will be HEAD~2, s

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