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Embedding PlayN game into Android activity

Is it somehow possible to embed PlayN game view within Android activity with custom layout? I mean any way because, looking at the PlayN code, it apparently is not supported yet. Have anyone tried to hack this already? Solution We are now developing this feature. Actually we are trying to deploy PlayN into an Android Fragment, what offer us to ins

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Unable to run playn sample project - compile errors

I've tried to follow the instructions on the getting started page for playn and run into problems when running the first program java showcase. I get the following errors when right clicking and running Maven test. Also I get numerous errors in the problem tab of eclipse related to (failure to transfer xxx from yyy) where xxx is some jar file and

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PlayN Font Support

What kind of support do the PlayN or supporting libraries (like TriplePlay and others) provide in regards to non-standard fonts -- custom TrueType fonts in particular. Solution You have to register the font differently on each backend that you intend to use, but once the font is registered by name, you can use it like any built-in font by simply c

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running html version of playn

I have playn installed on eclipse (http://code.google.com/p/playn/wiki/GettingStarted#Running_via_Eclipse), i loaded the sample programs and they load file, the java one runs fine. But for html I right click the showcase-html > google > compile I don't get any errors: Compiling module playn.showcase.Showcase Compiling 1 permutation Comp

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Unable to create skeleton PlayN project in Eclipse

I'm getting to the point where I've almost given up trying to use PlayN. I've tried PlayN's Getting Started guide here, as well as GamesFromScratch's updated guide here, with no luck. Every time I try and create a New->Other->"Maven Project" with the code.googlecode.playn 1.3.1 archetype, I get this error message: 'Creating playn-archetype' has

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Playn Sample - How can I use Android res Folder as resources directory?

Story in short: I was trying to make playn-showcase-android fit to any screen size. And came across many problems like we cant use 9-patch images, and if we go for scaling, it blur, scale9 images doesn't stretch well when there is text on it.. Finally I decided to make my showcase-android res/ folder to be default resource folder, at least for the

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How do I run a maven/eclipse/GWT/playN app in production mode?

There seems to be an issue if you want to launch a playN/GWT/maven app from eclipse in production mode using the following procedure: Right click on playn-showcase-html and select Goolge-GWT Compile Compiling module playn.showcase.Showcase Resolving com.google.gwt.validation.client.constraints.AbstractDecimalMaxValidator Found type 'com

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Missing artifact com.sun:tools:jar

I've been following the getting started tutorial, but am stuck after I imported the playn project using Maven. I am using Eclipse Indigo running on 64bit Windows 7. All the imported projects have the same error: Missing Artifact com.sun:tools:jar in all the pom.xml files. After a couple hours of searching forums I have tried: Installing the l

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Build error: missing artifact com.sun:tools:jar:1.6

Trying to build PlayN sample projects I get: Missing artifact com.sun:tools:jar:1.6 pom.xml /playn-cute line 6 Maven Dependency Problem On every pom.xml file. How do I resolve it? Edit: I've added the profiles node to the pom.xml, but the error remains. I've checked the tools.jar is actually exists, and it didn't. So I've added tools.jar to

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PlayN-canvas object not on top of page

I don't find a solution for this issue: I want to show my playN-game in a html-iframe: <iframe src="../playn-showcase-html/Showcase.html" width="640" height="480" name="Showcase" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0px" marginheigth="0px" frameborder="0" align="top"> </iframe> I want to embedd it with no borders. But as you can see in th

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