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Windows PowerShell ISE doesn't promt for input

I am using console as my tool for managing mercurial repositories. Wtih classic cmd or Console2 I type: hg in And console prompts something like: D:\workspace\someproject>hg in http authorization required realm: Bitbucket.org HTTP user: xorty password: And obviously, I type password. But when I type "hg in" in powershell console, it doesn

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Loading app.config into the AppDomain

I can't get the App.Config file to load into the App Domain. I'm using [System.AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.SetData("APP_CONFIG_FILE", $config_path) from Powershell Calling .NET Assembly that uses App.config but the App.Config file is still not loaded. I've also tried resetting the cache as explained in Using CurrentDomain.SetData("APP_CONF

it1352 0 2020-09-06

Import-Module won't work when launched from .net

I'm trying to run a powershell script within my C# web application. When i run the following in powershell, it works fine. Import-Module 'C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\\80\\Service\\NavAdminTool.ps1' Get-NAVTenant -ServerInstance DynamicsHost But when i'm running it using my web application, it tells me The term 'Get-NAVTenant

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Opening console applications in powershell

I'm currently developing a win32 console application, and wondering if there is any way to make visual studio open it in powershell instead of cmd.exe when I'm debugging it. All I really want is a better shell, where I can copy/paste etc. without clicking. Thanks Solution I think you're mixing up the NT console subsystem (an app framework offerr

it1352 0 2020-07-27

Starting Runbook via Azure API, Portal, or ISE Add-On yields "input parameter type mismatch" error

Given a simple runbook: workflow test { [CmdletBinding()] param([string] $NumericString) write-output $NumericString } When starting it with a numeric value (ie: 5) via the Azure Portal as a new Job (published), via the Test Pane, or using the Azure Automation PowerShell ISE Add-On, the following error is returned and the execution

it1352 1 2020-09-17

Running applications within PowerShell window

I'm trying to move away from Command Prompt, because it's a dead-end, over to PowerShell (ISE). I haven't figured out how to run command-line applications within the PowerShell (ISE) window. Everytime I use Start-Process a Command Prompt window appears (and disappears). I've seen some people suggest -Wait and -NoNewWindow but those haven't worked f

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