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PowerShell remoting: Controlling what edition is being targeted (PowerShell Core or Windows PowerShell); the state of cross-platform remoting

This self-answered question, which focuses on Windows[1], addresses the following aspects: Now that there are two PowerShell editions - the legacy, Windows-only Windows PowerShell and the cross-platform PowerShell Core, both may be installed on a given Windows machine: How can I tell which PowerShell edition will execute remote commands, such as

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How to extend volume using powershell?

How to extend volume using powershell (I prefer WMI over powershell remoting) on remote computer ? OS is win XP sp3. Solution I ended up with somethin like this: Invoke-Command -ComputerName $compName -Credential $compCred -ScriptBlock {"rescan","select volume 2","extend" | diskpart} I'm still looking for better solution, if there is one.

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Is it possible to call powershell cmdlets asynchronously?

Say i have cmdlet1 and cmdlet2, both are long running tasks. Normally i would have a batch file which calls the two cmdlets in order: call powershell cmdlet1 call powershell cmdlet2 Is there anyway to set them off asynchronously? Solution If you're on PowerShell 2, you can use background jobs. From the help: about_Jobs When you

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