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use get-childitem -recurse in powershell but get each full path on a separate line (without extra directory lines)

If I execute, e.g. Get-ChildItem *.ext -recurse the output consists of a series of Directory: entries followed by one entry for each each matching file. That's useful for many purposes, but today I'd like a result (analogous to the Unix find command) in which each matching file appears on a line by itself and shows its full relative path (and

it1352 0 2020-11-10

Command Prompt executes this correctly but Powershell doesn't?

Having some weirdness where Powershell is not executing this command correctly. It can't understand the INSTALLFOLDER or TARGETDIR and just throws up the Windows Installer help box. Whereas command prompt processes this just fine??? It's very weird. PS version is 5.1.18362 I believe. the command is msiexec.exe /i "C:\Users\sadas\aasasdd\sda\as

it1352 0 2020-10-03

i want to execute a .ps1 powershell script in red hat linux server

i am having a .ps1 powershell script which executes in window, but my whole data is in linux server, is there any possible way via which i can execute the powershell script in red hat server the powershell script is : Clear-Host $path="D:\Deep Backup 26-04-2013\New folder" $systemname=Read-Host 'Enter System Name' $files=Get-ChildItem $path -R

it1352 0 2020-10-16

Run a C# .cs file from a PowerShell Script

I have a PowerShell V2 script that moves some files around and installs some services. However I would like to call and run a .cs file about halfway through the PowerShell Script. I have found plenty of articles on calling PowerShell from C# but none the opposite way around. I would just like the C# file to run once then continue running the PowerS

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