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Time management tricks, tools & tips

Working with software day-to-day usually means you have to juggle project work, meetings, calls and other interrupts. What single technique, trick, or tool do you find most useful in managing your time? How do you stay focused? What is your single biggest distraction from your work? Solution The trick the Getting Things Done system teaches is t

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iPhone Project Dependency Management

Has anyone had any success in finding a reliable, generalised solution for managing dependencies for iPhone projects? I'm looking to split my iPhone applications up into reusable components and then pull them into projects that require them. I guess I'm looking for a Maven-esque workflow but for Xcode/iPhone projects. I've tried a number of things

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How to create an accurate hour estimate?

What are your experiences regarding project planning and creating hour estimates for new projects? What is the approach you are using, and why has or has it not worked for you? Are there any best practices to take into account? Solution Estimation Tasks The principles that I try to use (I don't always get the opportunity) are: Step-wise refi

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Separate "include" and "src" folders for application-level code?

This questions concerns mostly Unix/Linux style C development. I see that many C libraries store their header files in a "include" folder and source files in an "src" folder. For the sake of conformance I adopted this in my own code. But it is not clear to me whether this should be done for application code as well. I've seen a few cases where

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How should I structure complex projects in C?

I have little more than beginner-level C skills and would like to know if there are any de facto "standards" to structure a somewhat complex application in C. Even GUI based ones. I have been always using the OO paradigm in Java and PHP and now that I want to learn C I'm afraid that I might structure my applications in the wrong way. I'm at a loss

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Projects folder structure recommendation

I'm getting ready to implement a source control system (subversion) but I'm facing some doubts on how to structure my folders. I use Delphi for all my development and compile the projects from within the IDE. My current projects folder structure is as follows: -E:\Work\1. Shared --Forms (shared forms across all projects) --Units (shared units/c

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When should I use a Domain Specific Language?

I would like some practical guidance on when I should use a Domain Specific Language. I have found resources about advantages and disadvantages, but what kind of project would warrant its use? It seems like there is a big investment in time to create and maintain a DSL, so in what application space would I get a productivity return on my time inv

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Git Development Strategy for Small Team

We have a small digital team (3 designers, 3 developers) and are looking to integrate Git into our system. At the moment, for most of our sites we have a staging site (dev.example.com) and a production site (example.com). Our developers usually make code changes to a local version, move those changes to the staging site and then, once approved, t

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How to version project schedules, to-dos, wikis etc. in Git?

In almost all of my projects I have few files that are "project wide" in the sense that their contents should be shared across all branches. These files usually include project schedules, to-do lists, wikis, and the like. Currently I have them included .gitignore so that they are not versioned but remain the same no matter what branch I have checke

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git practice: complete new version of an application

I have a current version of an application in production that I control with GIT. Now I must start implementing a completely new version of that application. It will have no sources at all in common with the current one. And that new one will become the "master" one day. in the meanwhile the current version is maintained and evolves. How do you m

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