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ServiceStack BSD version 3.9.71 and protobuf-net version

I downloaded the ServiceStack BSD version 3.9.71 from Nuget using the commmands Install-Package ServiceStack -Version 3.9.71 and Install-Package ServiceStack.Plugins.ProtoBuf -Version 3.9.71 I installed also the protobuf-net Install-Package protobuf-net but I have problem because the ServiceStack 3.9.71 try to find the protobuf-net ve

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Google's Protocol Buffers in c#

We are looking at using Google's Protocol Buffers to handle serialization between a c application and a c# application via networking. My question is, I've found a couple of different verisions for c#. Both look pretty good, however, does anyone know what is different (if anything) between the two protobuf-net jskeet / dotnet-protobufs Solu

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Protobuf-net: Instances of abstract classes cannot be created

Based on the code found here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/923977/protobuf-and-listobject-how-to-serialize-deserialize I've created a generic "ProtoDictionary" that has a value type of ProtoObject. Here is my code for the ProtoDictionary: public class ProtoDictionary<TKey> : Dictionary<TKey, ProtoObject> { public void Add(TK

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Fast simple object serialization

I am looking for fastest serialization method tiles in 2D world. Lets say the world is big and because computer can't handle that much blocks loaded at the same time, so I splitted the world to chunks. BinaryFormatter seems to be slow. Is there any faster method, how to serialize the chunk object? WChunk object structure public class WChunk {

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