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AWS Lambda connecting to SQL with Python and pyodbc

I have an AWS Lambda that I want to connect to my on prem SQL server to read and write data from\to. I am using Python and pyodbc. I have got pyodbc installed (compiled zip file in an S3 bucket added to the lambda through a layer), but when I try and run this code I get an odd error: import boto3 import pyodbc s3 = boto3.client('s3') def lambd

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How to install pyodbc to be used in ipython

I'm confused. I have installed pyodbc on my computer and I was able to import it using other IDE but i'm new to ipython. I use Ananconda , and was able to install other library using something like pip install BeautifulSoup But when I do that with pyodbc using pip install pyodbc I got error : error: command 'gcc' failed with exist sta

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pyODBC refuses to look for unixODBC, instead looks for iODBC

Is there a way to get pyODBC v3.0.10 to look for the unixODBC driver, instead of the iODBC driver it seems to want to look for? My understanding is that pyODBC v3.0.10 is supposed to do this by default, while versions prior to v3.0.7 required a manual edit to the setup.py file (see reference here). One more clue, I ran this code to list my ODBC s

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django-pyodbc vs django-mssql

It's in the title really. I want to run Django against MSSQL 2005. Both look reasonably active and up to date. I can't seem to see any unique points for either. Can anyone recommend one over the other? Would it be trivial to swap between the two at a later date? Are they production-ready? Thanks! Solution My choose is django-pyodbc because o

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pyodbc install on IBM Bluemix server error

I am trying to host my app on IBM bluemix. In my app, I have used flask and I am trying to Connect to Azure SQL Server database. So for that, I am using Pyodbc. So in requirement.txt file I have given pip install pyodbc and pip install flask. These things are getting installed on my local machine and the app is running fine. I am getting the re

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Using sql server on django

I have got following in my django env Django==1.8.1 django-mssql==1.6.2 django-pyodbc==0.2.8 pyodbc==3.0.10 pywin32==219 sql-server.pyodbc==1.0 and the following in my settings.py DATABASES = { 'default': { 'NAME': 'db_name', 'ENGINE': 'sqlserver_ado', 'HOST': 'host_name\\SQLEXPRESS', 'USER': 'user_name', 'PASSWORD': 'pas

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How to install PYODBC in Databricks

I have to install pyodbc module in Databricks. I have tried using this command (pip install pyodbc) but it is failed due to below error. Error message Solution I had some problems a while back with connecting using pyobdc, details of my fix are here: https://datathirst.net/blog/2018/10/12/executing-sql-server-stored-procedures-on-databricks-pyspar

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