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Inconsistent Q of Q Behaviour

Using ColdFusion Server Enterprise 9,0,1,274733. Has anyone seen this before? The following code executes without error. <cfquery name="x" datasource="dw"> select event_code, event_name from event </cfquery> <cfquery name="y" dbtype="query"> select event_code || event_name fred , event_code from x </cfquery> Two things

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pointer q

A recent post of mine showed a sufficiently large gaffe on pointers as to need to return to K&R 5.1-6 appendix A8.6.1 . So we have type specifiers: int long .. One dreams himself variable names: qwe, qwr, writes int qwe; long qwr; and thinks he knows what types he''s declared. Had you asked me about: int *qwe; long *qwr; I would have said

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alphabet q

"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" "0123456789" " " "!#%^&*()-_" " =~[]\|;:\''" "\"{},.<>/\?" "\a\b\f\n\r\t\v\\" Do the above string literals comprise an alphabet for C? joe Solution Joe Smith wrote: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX

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Multiple chained deferred functions using q in AngularJS stop returning data

I am trying to chain together multiple deferred function calls such that the next call gets the results of the previous deferred.resolve. When I chain together more than 2 of these calls, the data stops being returned. Here is the basic code inside an angular controller: $scope.runAsync = function() { var asyncFn1 = function(data){

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$q 'finally' not working in IE8

Angular 1.2 replaced always with finally on promises. So what was once this: $http.get('/myurl').always(handler); Now needs to be this: $http.get('/myurl').finally(handler); But I am getting the error "expected identifier" in IE8. How can I make this work in IE8? Solution Found it: https://github.com/angular/angular.js/commit/f078762d48d0d

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Q: file exists?

Hello, I am using this to open an excel file: Response.Redirect(http://myServer/Files/myFile.xls) How should I check if the file available first to get rid of error page. Thanks, Jim. Solution How about: if (System.IO.File.Exists(Server.MapPath("/Files/myFile.xls"))) { Response.Redirect("/Files/myFile.xls"); } Karl -- MY ASP.

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A Simple Q !

Hi there... when i''m making a webform using VB.NET for ASP.NET is it enough to put mu *.aspx file to the web server or another file is also needed...? thank U before Best Regards Arafer group: sa*******@msn.com Solution Hi, When you did use only html in it, that is enough because than it is the same as an ordinary html page otherwise you need t

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FAQ pointer q

Ive had a look at the FAQ for comp.lang.c, and I would have thought this was a recurring question, but I didnt see it, so I''ll ask :-) I am trying to transfer the contents of a gtk entry box into a multi-dimensional array But I keep getting the following warning callbacks.c:212: warning: passing argument 1 of a??gtk_entry_get_texta?? from incomp

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Q: STL vector

Hi I have a list of values stored in a vector e.g. std::vector<int> x; x[0] = 1; x[1] = 4; x[2] = 2; x[3] = 4; x[4] = 6; x[5] = 1; x[6] = 4; Can anybody suggest an efficient way to iterate through the vector so that the vector only contains unique values e.g. only one instance of 4 occurs in the vector. That is, the new vector, once proce

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echo format Q

Hi, Irrelevant question time, probably: Is there any advantage/reason to use one format over the other for the following two types of echo statements? 1. echo "error is " . $error; 2. echo "error is $error"; Obviously I''m talking about longer statements than the samples above, but they do create identical outputs. Line 1

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