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How do I give permission to publish websites to Azure?

How do I give someone permission to publish an ASP.NET MVC website to Azure without just handing over my personal credentials? Solution Using the new Azure Resource Manager (ARM) you can use Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to grant a user a certain access on a certain Azure resource that you own. There are 3 default RBAC roles: Owner, Contributo

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DB schema for RBAC with multiple levels of roles

I'm trying to come up with a DB schema for an RBAC, and I want to be able to create "departments" and "positions". Positions will extend the generic privileges of departments. Should I just create a single "roles" table, holding both the positions and departments? Or should I create 3 tables: positions, departments, and roles, with the positions

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Zend Navigation and RBAC

I am developing a ZF2 based site. I have a main navigation which stays same regardless of the visitor/user status. Need to add another component/nav, which will depend on the user's status and role. For a visitor the items will be Register Login EN (Actually a drop-down, with other available language) For a logged-in normal user, it will display

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How can a user with same role access different posts with different permissions?

I use devise for authentication and have assigned a role for each user. I have one more model posts which contain number of posts. I want to restrict one user of the role employee to view the specific post and the same user to view and create the different post. How can I do this? Solution I realize I am late to the battle here. What you are look

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GKE clusterrolebinding for cluster-admin fails with permission error

I've just created a new cluster using Google Container Engine running Kubernetes 1.7.5, with the new RBAC permissions enabled. I've run into a problem allocating permissions for some of my services which lead me to the following: The docs for using container engine with RBAC state that the user must be granted the ability to create authorization r

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Need some advice on my own Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

I have a pretty simple profile page where users can upload images and videos. I have implemented my own role system and I'm not using .NET (I wanted to learn and builded my own). I'll have 10´000 users at the most and about 50-100 users simultaneously using it. I have three tables in the DB that handles my RBAC: Roles: Admin, User, Manager, Guest

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dynamic roles on a Java EE server

I want to manage user and roles in a dedicated application. For example a user of this application ("customerX boss") can create a new role "customerX employee". If an employee accesses the Java EE application server (GlassFish 3) he should get the role "customerX employee". It sounds simple, but it is not supported by Java EE, because groups are

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