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Hash tables v self-balancing search trees

I am curious to know what is the reasoning that could overweighs towards using a self-balancing tree technique to store items than using a hash table. I see that hash tables cannot maintain the insertion-order, but I could always use a linked list on top to store the insertion-order sequence. I see that for small number of values, there is an a

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Red Black Tree deletion algorithm

From "Introduction to Algorithms 2nd edition" I got this deletion algorithm: /* RB-DELETE(T, z) 1 if left[z] = nil[T] or right[z] = nil[T] 2 then y ← z 3 else y ← TREE-SUCCESSOR(z) 4 if left[y] ≠ nil[T] 5 then x ← left[y] 6 else x ← right[y] 7 p[x] ← p[y] 8 if p[y] = nil[T] 9 then root[T] ←

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Red black tree over avl tree

AVL and Red black trees are both self-balancing except Red and black color in the nodes. What's the main reason for choosing Red black trees instead of AVL trees? What are the applications of Red black trees? Solution What's the main reason for choosing Red black trees instead of AVL trees? Both red-black trees and AVL trees are the most comm

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Red black tree black height property check

Given a RB Tree, I need to write an efficient algorithm that checks whether for each node, all paths from from the node to descendant leaves contain the same number of black nodes. i.e. returns a boolean if the property is true or false otherwise. Solution It wiil return the black height of the RB-tree. If the height is 0, the tree is an invalid

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Red black tree pseudocode redundancy

In introduction to Algorithms Third Edition they have a pseudocode implementation of red-black tree deletion. Here it is... RB-DELETE(T, z) y = z y-original-color = y.color if z.left == T.nil x = z.right RB-TRANSPLANT(T, z, z.right) elseif z.right == T.nil x = z.left RB-TRANSPLANT(T, z, z.left) e

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Red Black Tree ~ 1 Child Deletes

Is it ever possible for a red parent node to have just ONE black child node? I have been playing around with the Red/Black Tree simulator online and I can't manage to get a case of this to happen. The reason behind asking this is I believe I have an unnecessary IF in my code... if (temp_node->color == BLACK && node->color == RED) {

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Red-Black Tree Height using Recursion

I have these following methods to get the height of a red black tree and this works (I send the root). Now my question is, how is this working? I have drawn a tree and have tried following this step by step for each recursion call but I can't pull it off. I know the general idea of what the code is doing, which is going through all the leaves and c

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Iterative Algorithm for Red-Black Tree

Can anyone please suggest me any pointer to an iterative algorithm for insertion and deletion into a Red-Black Tree? All the algorithms available in .Net/C# are based on recursion, which I can't trust for handling very large number of data (hence large number of recursion depth for insertion/deletion). Does anybody have one based on iteration? Not

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