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Is .NET Remoting really deprecated?

Everyone is saying how .NET Remoting is being replaced by WCF, but I'm wondering just how accurate that is. I haven't seen any official word that Remoting is being deprecated, and it seems to me there are certainly scenarios where Remoting makes more sense than WCF. None of the Remoting-related objects or methods have been deprecated, even in versi

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Remoting calls MUCH slower than OLEDB calls

I am working on an application that is a front-end for a SQL database. While it is not an immediate requirement, the application will probably be required to be able to connect via the internet at a later date, so we are implementing the data connections via remoting. The remoting is implemented via the HTTP channel, with the binary formatter. We

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Interprocess communication in .NET

I have a core .NET application that needs to spawn an abitrary number of sub processes. These processes need to be able to access some form of state object in the core application. What is the best technique? I'll be moving a large amount of data between processes (Bitmaps), so it needs to be fast. Solution WCF would probably fit the bill... Her

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Easiest way to get fast RPC with .NET?

What's the easiest way to get RPC in .NET? I see that there is .NET Remoting and WCF, and according to Wikipedia, WCF is the successor to .NET Remoting. So far, I only tried the remoting stuff, which seems to be pretty simple -- I also didn't hit any problem with the application speed so far. Is .NET remoting really the best way to get RPC working

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Does WCF really replace .NET Remoting?

I can understand that WCF is in general better than Remoting, but the two seem quite different to me. MS make this pretty picture to show how great WCF is (or perhaps how poor the other techs are to only check one box each): But, WCF is centered around SOA and I don't think it's correct to assume every networked application wants to expose servic

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.Net Remoting versus WCF

I am wondering that I can do same thing from both .net remoting and WCF, then why WCF is more preferred over .Net remoting. Where can I choose (or in which situation) .Net remoting or WCF? Solution .NET Remoting applications can use the HTTP, TCP, and SMTP protocols whereas WCF can use named pipes and MSMQ as well along with all these protocols.

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Why .NET Remoting server can't send event to internet clients

Like you know, .NET Remoting has some limits, one of them is that server can't send event to internet clients across NAT/firewall. This is an evidence: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/netfxremoting/thread/6a91626a-3c44-45a1-b0f8-dbf4042f51e4/ And today, I have a plan to improve .NET Remoting so that server can send event to internet

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In .NET remoting what is the difference between RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType and RemotingServices.Marshal?

In .NET remoting what is the difference between RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType and RemotingServices.Marshal? What I want to do is create an object in a Windows Service, then put it in as a remoting object and have the Windows Service and the Client both act on the remoting object. I thought the below code would accomplish this

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