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ReST strikethrough

Is it possible to strike text through in Restructured Text? Something that for example renders as a <strike> tag when converted to HTML, like: ReSTructuredText Solution I checked the docs better, as suggested by Ville Säävuori, and I decided to add the strikethrough like this: .. role:: strike :class: strike In the document, this ca

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AS3 ... (rest) parameter

I've tested the following code: function aa(...aArgs):void { trace("aa:", aArgs.length); bb(aArgs); } function bb(...bArgs):void { trace("bb:", bArgs.length); } aa(); //calling aa without any arguments. The output is: aa: 0 //this is expected. bb: 1 //this is not! When I pass empty arguments (aArgs) to bb function; shouldn't it r

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REST service authentication

What are the best practice for implementing authentication for REST apis? Using BASIC auth SSL or something like http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-hammer-http-token-auth-01? Are there any existing solutions available (for .NET / WebApi)? Solution The answer on this depends on the audience for your Web API and what you want to authenticate exact

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Nested REST Routing

Simple situation: I have a server with thousands of pictures on it. I want to create a restful business layer which will allow me to add tags (categories) to each picture. That's simple. I also want to get lists of pictures that match a single tag. That's simple too. But now I also want to create a method that accepts a list of tags and which will

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Laravel rest path

I have this route.php file: Route::group(array('prefix' => 'api'), function () { Route::resource( 'login', 'TokenController', ['only' => ['index', 'create', 'store', 'destroy']] ); }); Here is php artisen routes output: -------- --------------------------- ------------------- ------------------------- ------------

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SMS REST Service?

I've got an application that does some work then hits an URI callback once the work is done. For testing, I'd like to send an SMS to my cellphone. Something like http://www.jonskeetistheman.com/SMSSend.aspx?phone=4255555555&msg=supdawg Are there any REST based SMS services (free) that ya'll can recommend? Solution I'm not sure about free on

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REST user authentication

OK... the basic idea is to have SERVER and CLIENT physically separated (two systems). My idea is to build a stand-alone web service (REST, XML, API-KEY) that will provide Authentication: User login, logout Data: Get list of products Then I will create clients in different languages (Flash, PHP, JavaScript). Data will be served only to authenti

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Versioning REST API

After having read a lot of material on REST versioning, I am thnking of versioning the calls instead of the API. For example: http://api.mydomain.com/callfoo/v2.0/param1/param2/param3 http://api.mydomain.com/verifyfoo/v1.0/param1/param2 instead of first having http://api.mydomain.com/v1.0/callfoo/param1/param2 http://api.mydomain.com/v1.0/verif

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What is REST?

Possible Duplicate: What am I not understanding about REST? What is REST? How does it relate to WCF? I have been asked to look into RESTful implementation of services. Can you please point me to links that would be helpful for beginners. I am a .NET developer with a decent knowledge of ASP.NET Solution REpresentational State Transfer I

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