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How can I extract this polymorphic recursion function?

I'm doing so fairly fun stuff with GHC 7.8, but have ran in to a bit of a problem. I have the following: mkResultF :: Eq k => Query kvs ('KV k v) -> k -> ResultF (Reverse kvs) (Maybe v) mkResultF Here key = ResultComp (pure . lookup key) mkResultF q@(There p) key = case mkResultF p key of ResultFId a -> pure a ResultComp c -&

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Reverse Proxy Java

I am working with a Java web application and I would like to have a reverse proxy masking some of my internal endpoints. Requirements 1. The reverse proxy maps need to be modifiable at runtime e.g if we move some components to another server we should be able to modify the mapping such that new requests are routed to this endpoint. 2. This must b

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IIS Reverse Proxy

I've got two websites. XX.XX.XX.XXX:5917 which is a webforms website And XX.XX.XX.XXX:5916 which is an mvc website. Both websites on the same IIS 7 server. I can navigate each website, login, etc. However, when a user goes to XX.XX.XX.XXX:5917/Report I want the content from XX.XX.XX.XXX:5916/Report to be served up, but the url to remain XX.XX

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In Ansible, how can I combine a default dictionary in a role with a dictionary passed to that role as an argument?

In Ansible, how can I combine a default dictionary in a role with a dictionary passed to that role as an argument? Solution As a solution by example, consider role nginx-reverse-proxy: nginx-reverse-proxy/defaults/main.yml: default_nginx: application_context: /{{ application_name }}-{{ application_component_name }} reverse_proxy: port: 8

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rewrite url to url:port number

how can I rewrite the next url request: http://mydomain.com/virtualDirectory/default.aspx?param1=2&param2=car to: http://mydomain.com:8888/virtualDirectory/default.aspx?param1=2&param2=car Best regards. Solution You should install the URL Rewrite and the ARR (Application Request Routing) modules for IIS. Here are two links on how the

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IIS reverse proxy - 2 subdomain to 2 Node.js

As in this blog is well explained how to point a domain or subdomain in IIS to a Node.js project. In this case its needed to have two subdomains each point to a Node.js project (localhost:port) in the example works well for one project but not for two. So in this case its needed for subdomain1 point to localhost:80 and subdomain2 point to localhos

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Docker links with awsvpc network mode

I have a Java webapp deployed in ECS using the tomcat:8.5-jre8-alpine image. The network mode for this task is awsvpc; I have many of these tasks running across 3 EC2 instances fronted by an ALB. This is working fine but now I want to add an nginx reverse-proxy in front of each tomcat container, similar to this example: https://github.com/awslabs/

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