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.net Runtime - Silverlight Runtime =?

I've googled around a bit, and I haven't been able to find a good listing of what classes from the .net CLR are not included in the 'CoreCLR' aka Silverlight. What is Silverlight missing from the Windows .net Framework? Also, is there anything that the Silverlight runtime has that the .net Framework doesn't? Solution Silverlight Runtime (Silver

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Run Time Error 424 Object Required- VBA Start Stop

I have a start stop time button excel 2010 sheet to keep track of how much I spend on tasks at work. It was working fine until this morning and I am getting a Run-time Error 424 Message. The code is below. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!! Option Explicit Private Sub btnStart_Click() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Cells(Rows.Count, 5

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.NET 3.5 runtime and .NET 4 runtime compatibility

Is it possible to run an application built on .NET 3.5 with a plug-in built with .NET 4? Solution You will need to rebuild (not exactly true, check update) the .NET 3.5 application to target .NET 4.0 because by default it will start in the .NET 2.0 runtime which will then not support the plugin. If the machine only has .NET 4.0 framework installe

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Need an algorithm for a special array (linear field)

I have an Array (linear field) with pre sorted numbers [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], but these arra y is shift to the right (k times), now its [5,6,1,2,3,4], k = 2 But I don´t know k. Only the array A. Now I need an Algorithm to find the max in A (with runtime O(logn)) I think its something with binary search, can anyone help me?? Solution The q

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What is the C runtime library?

OK, I know this is maybe the most stupid question ever asked here, but what actually is C runtime library and what is used for? I was searching, Googling like a devil, but I couldn't find anything better than Microsoft's: "The Microsoft run-time library provides routines for programming for the Microsoft Windows operating system. These routines aut

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Runtime Error (NZEC) in simple code

I'm getting runtime error (NZEC) when running the following code over at SPOJ. I'd be very thankful if any of you would kindly point out what's going on. //0<=A<=B<=10^18, 1<=N<=10^18 using System; class any { static void Main() { long t = long.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); ulong a, b, n; for(long k = 0; k < t; k )

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is it possible to force a go routine to be run on a specific CPU?

I am reading about the go package "runtime" and see that i can among other (func GOMAXPROCS(n int)) set the number of CPU units that can be used to run my program. Can I force a goroutine to be run on a specific CPU of my choice? Solution In modern Go, I wouldn't lock goroutines to threads for efficiency. Go 1.5 added goroutine scheduling affini

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How does one calculate the runtime of an algorithm?

I've read about algorithm run-time in some algorithm books, where it's expressed as, O(n). For eg., the given code would run in O(n) time for the best case & O(n3) for the worst case. What does it mean & how does one calculate it for their own code? Is it like linear time , and is it like each predefined library function has their own run-t

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