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What does it mean to say that a framework "scales well"?

When reading about frameworks (.net. ruby on rails, django, spring, etc.), I keep seeing so and so does or doesn't scale well. What does it mean when someone says that a framework "scales well" and what does it mean to say a framework "doesn't scale well"? Thank you. Solution When you plot some resource use (memory, time, disk space, network ban

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Inversed logarithmic scale in gnuplot

When plotting data which are very dense in small ranges of y, the logarithmic scale of gnuplot is the right scale to use. But what scale to use when the opposite is the case? let's say most y values of different curves are between 90 and 100. In this case I want to use something like a inversed logarithmic scale. I tried a log scale between 0 and

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White space around css3 scale

I have a small issue I want to fix, but can't find any good answer : When I use a scale on a div (which contains other divs), it leave white space around, from the "original" width and height of my div : How can I remove the withe space around the div while scaled ? I can use js if needed ! EDIT: Here is some code : HTML <div class="pul

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Scale WindowsForm

Basically, I want everything (Controls etc) to scale with the WindowsForm when resizing it by dragging, so that the user can determine the size of the UI himself. The picture is not perfect, but I hope it explains it: The easiest way to do this would be to use a (Flow/Table)LayoutPanel and the appropriate Anchor/Drop properties, but I feel like

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Use d3 log scale instead of linear scale

I'm trying to do a chart based on http://mbostock.github.com/d3/talk/20111116/bar-hierarchy.html, the only difference being that I'd like to use a log scale for the x-axis. Here's my fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/JhDVC/5/ As you can see, the x-axis is defined at line 4: x = d3.scale.linear().range([0, w]), If I change it for x = d3.scale.log().

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Android scale view

I need to scale View by setting the scale factor in percents. I need to set exactly the same param as ScaleAnimation use, because I'm going to scale it using ScaleAnimation in the future. How do I do it? Thanks Solution I've solved the problem by creating animation xml file with duration=0, which sets desired parameters. It is also possible to cr

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AS3 - Scale BitmapData

I'd like to scale a BitmapData to different sizes such as 200, 400, 600 and 800. What is a good way to do that? Solution You can't directly scale a BitmapData but you can make a scaled clone of it. Here is a quick example for scaling a BitmapData : package { import flash.display.Bitmap; import flash.display.BitmapData; import flash.display.Spri

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Scale independent elements

I have a (2D) computational geometry library I'm working on, and I'd like to be able to spit out pictures to help debug. The primitives I want are points, line segments, and text. But I don't know before hand what scale I'll be interested in looking at (maybe only a small part of the polygon isn't working right), so I need to be able to zoom and

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Scale NSView centered

I need to scale an NSView around it's center. I tried using CATransform3DMakeScale and it worked to scale the view towards it's corner but I couldn't achieve to center it. I tried to set the layers anchor point to .5, .5 but that didn't work. I tried using scaleUnitSquareToSize but I ran into the problem that this seems unresetable without a lot o

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