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Surface the application associated to a Managed Service Identity service principal in AAD app registrations

I've got a service principal in Azure which was created when i turned on Managed Service Identity for one of my Azure assets. I'd like to grant permissions to this SP using the App Registrations area in the portal (I know I can do it with New-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment, but I'd like to create an application in this case). The Service Principa

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Hoe to validate ARM template by passing credentials

My ARM template is running fine. I need to authenticate my ARM template by passing credentials. When I have gone through logs I can see below entries [debug]00000-000000-00000-00000-000000000 auth param serviceprincipalid = ******** [debug]00000-000000-00000-00000-000000000 auth param serviceprincipalkey = ******** What is this Service Pri

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Azure Active Directory: Add Service Principal to Directory Readers Role with PowerShell

The command (Get-AzureRmADUser -Mail $user).Id in a Azure PowerShell Task returned null when running on a self-hosted agent in VSTS The problem was that the Service Principal needs to have the permission to read from the Active Directory How can I give the the Service Principal the correct permissions to read from the Azure Active Directory? So

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Azure Service principal insufficient permissions to manage other service principals

I'm able to create a service principal either using Azure or from the portal console with the az cli. az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "myspuser" --password "adfhrrreeuwrgwejdfgds" Then I assign the owner role at subscription level and log-in in a powershell console. Login-AzureRmAccount -Credential (New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCre

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Ability to carry principal object from client to service side in WCF

In WCF, on the client side, user would be authenticated and his roles/permissions would be stored in Principal/Identity objects on the client side. Once authenticated, user should only be able to invoke service method if he is in a certain role. For that to happen, I need to transmit client side Principal/Identity objects to service side. But once

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