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Memcached Best Library

Can anyone tell me the best library in C# for memcache and also a little help required. Thanks Solution I have a Open source C# caching providers for a number of clients including Memcached at: http://code.google.com/p/servicestack/wiki/Caching The memcached client which we've been using in production for over a year uses enyim's memcached clie

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ServiceStack BSD version 3.9.71 and protobuf-net version

I downloaded the ServiceStack BSD version 3.9.71 from Nuget using the commmands Install-Package ServiceStack -Version 3.9.71 and Install-Package ServiceStack.Plugins.ProtoBuf -Version 3.9.71 I installed also the protobuf-net Install-Package protobuf-net but I have problem because the ServiceStack 3.9.71 try to find the protobuf-net ve

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Is there a build issue in the recent versions of ServiceStack 3?

I have had the following warning show up in visual studio when compiling a project using ServiceStack (seems to affect most recent releases too). Not sure why it hasn't shown up before but it has started showing up after I created a test lib which references my main project and both have references to the same service stack DLLs: Warn

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ServiceStack: Access Session info from Javascript

I'm creating a SPA using ServiceStack and AngularJs. When a user logs in I set some variables in the OnAuthenticated method: public override void OnAuthenticated(IServiceBase authService, IAuthSession session, IOAuthTokens tokens, Dictionary<string, string> authInfo) { var sessionUser = session.TranslateTo<AppUserSession&g

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ServiceStack: URL Re-writing with Self-Hosted application

I have a self-hosted application which has an index.html file at its root. When I run the application and go to localhost:8090 (app is hosted on this port) the URL looks like: http://localhost:8090/index.html. Is there anyway I can make the URL to just be: http://localhost:8090 when on the index.html page? Note I'm using V3 of ServiceStack Solut

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Enable gzip/deflate compression

I'm using ServiceStack (version as a Windows Service (so I'm not using IIS) and I use both its abilities both as an API and for serving web pages. However, I haven't been able to find how exactly I should enable compression when the client supports it. I imagined that ServiceStack would transparently compress data if the client's reques

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404 Not Found error when running ServiceStack on IIS8

My ServiceStack web service works fine in IIS Express (VS 2012) and when deployed to Windows Azure, but it does not work under IIS 8 on Window 8. I am getting 404 Not Found Error. My web.config has both sections defined for IIS Express and the web server. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <configuration> <system.web>

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ServiceStack vs ASP.Net Web API

I want to write a new REST style API and have looked at ServiceStack and quite like it. However, I have seen that Microsoft has released the ASP.Net Web API project as part of the new MVC 4 beta. Has anyone looked at the new Web API project? Can you give any pros/cons of each system? Solution They have very similar use-cases, as the lead maintaine

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