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In what order are the ServiceStack examples supposed to be grokked?

Just out of curiosity I like to know the preferred ordering, based on technical level and new api of the examples. For the most part, all the base infrastructure concerns all smell the same i.e. setup of the host ect.. but when it comes to the Service Models, Service Interface, and Endpoint setup, which are the most current and preferred? Thank

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Examine Request Headers with ServiceStack

What is the best way to inspect the Request Headers for a service endpoint? ContactService : Service Having read this https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack/wiki/Access-HTTP-specific-features-in-services I'm curious as to the preferred way to get to the Interface. Thank you, Stephen Solution Inside a ServiceStack Service you can access

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Should ServiceStack be the service layer in an MVC application or should it call the service layer?

I'm creating an MVC website and also intend to create a web API for use both within the website and potentially by third parties. From the MVC controllers I'll be calling into a service layer which will contain business logic, act on domain models, perform validation, make infrastructure external service calls etc. The service layer in turn will c

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ServiceStack vs ASP.Net Web API

I want to write a new REST style API and have looked at ServiceStack and quite like it. However, I have seen that Microsoft has released the ASP.Net Web API project as part of the new MVC 4 beta. Has anyone looked at the new Web API project? Can you give any pros/cons of each system? Solution They have very similar use-cases, as the lead maintaine

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Using ServiceStack to upload image files

We have a requirement to upload images using ServiceStack APIs. I am aware of two possible ways: 1) Use JSON object to upload file (Using BASE64 string). 2) Use "multipart/form-data" Is there any other way of uploading files using ServiceStack? Which is better in terms of best practices? Solution The best way to upload files in ServiceStack i

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Service Stack (REST) SOAP and WSDL not working

I implemented ServiceStack Hello World ,every thing is ok,except one important thing. its SOAP11 and SOAP12 and also WSDL not working. when accessing url http://localhost:8082/SOAP11/ for SOAP11 or SOAP12 it says : { "ResponseStatus":{ "ErrorCode":"NotImplementedException", "Message":"The method or operation is not implemented.", "StackTrace":"

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How to maintain session information accros authentication

I using ServiceStack authentication with a custom session object. I've got everything set up with different authentication providers and everything is working fine. Now a want to store some information in the session before the user is authenticated (Think shopping cart). But we loose that information when the user logs in later. Looking at the co

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