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Hi everyone, I need your help. I need to create a socket server app that will accept as many as 96 simultaneous connections and do a late-binding call to a COM dll. As I understand, the app has to create a separate socket thread for each connection, do a call to the COM dll (already in place) and drop the socket connection. COM dll and the sock

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Help with passing integer poniter to function

Hi, I am having strange problem in my Program. I cannot paste the whole program as it is huge so just pasting the lines i think are necessary. I am passing a integer array pointer to a function. ********** int sockets[MAX_TCPCLIENTS]; /* an array of connected sockets*/ ...... ...... fprintf(stderr,"The value is %d",sockets); accept_

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Buffering characteristics of Unix Sockets

Does anyone know the buffering characteristics of Unix sockets when sending small chunks of data(a few bytes)?, when using TCP sockets I can disable the Nagle algorithm to prevent latency in data transit but there's no equivalent functionality (that I know of) for Unix Domain sockets. Thanks. Solution There is no nagle algorithm available on unix

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Sockets programming

I''ve been following a socket programming tutorial to make a simple TCP communication program, seemingly without hitches, it appears to work fine. However the structure of it is to have a server listening for requests from a client using listen(), and when one connects, it communicates with that client but only that one. It doesn''t listen for more

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Sockets problem

So I''m working with PureIRCD (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pure-ircd) and everything was fine untill yesterday when the server crashed. So I did a cold restart and staretd the server back up now it''s throwing this stream of errors right away. DOes anyone have any idea what they mean. I havn''t changed the source at all since it was working

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Pairing sockets

I have a server program (works on all three major os systems), created in c which strives to connect two strangers for communication. My current model seems depreciated, and I am simply wondering if there is a better way to go about serving the clients. -server receives connection request -checks for ban -starts thread for this socket [the

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linux fork socketpair sock_dgram

I'm new to socketpairs and I need my children each to pass information from a structure to the parent.I was told this can be done using SOCK_DGRAM but I don't know how to do it.I looked over the internet but i couldn't find a concrete example.Can you please show for example hoe can you pass to the parent a structure made out of 2 ints and a string

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Stream FTP download to output

I am trying to stream/pipe a file to the user's browser through HTTP from FTP. That is, I am trying to print the contents of a file on an FTP server. This is what I have so far: public function echo_contents() { $file = fopen('php://output', 'w '); if(!$file) {

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Python on Snow Leopard, how to open >255 sockets?

Consider this code: import socket store = [] scount = 0 while True: scount =1 print "Creating socket %d" % (scount) s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) store.append(s) Gives the following result: Creating socket 1 Creating socket 2 ... Creating socket 253 Creating socket 254 Traceback (most recent call last):

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