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docker cp the content of a folder

I try to copy the content of a folder (on my server) to my container: docker cp sonatype-work-backup/* nexus:/sonatype-work/ So I want the content of sonatype-work in my /sonatype-work/ of nexus. But it doesn't work with the * and without the star it's copying the directory sonatype-work-backup inside my sonatype-work directory. I can't perform

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Docker data volume container. I can't seem to get to backup

Reading these links: https://docs.docker.com/userguide/dockervolumes/#backup-restore-or-migrate-data-volumes Backing up data volume containers off machine My understanding is I can take a data volume container and archive its backup. However reading the first link I can't seem to get it to work. docker create -v /sonatype-work --name sonatype

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Is it possible to do real http requests with robolectric

The issue I have with robolectric is that it doesn't make real HttpRequests. Could I replace the HttpClient implementation of robolectric using a real one actually making the calls to my local test server? Solution Jan Berkel submitted a pull request to Robolectric that was merged into master on March 8th. You can now call Robolectric.getFakeHttp

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com.google.common.collect.Iterables and the instance type

I have this groovy script that is executed on nexus: def retentionDays = 30; def retentionCount = 10; def repositoryName = 'maven-releases'; def whitelist = ["org.javaee7.sample/javaee7-simple-sample", "org.javaee7.next/javaee7-another-sample"].toArray(); log.info(":::Cleanup script started!"); MaintenanceService service = container.lookup("org.

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Sonatype Nexus 3 - get latest snapshot

We've just upgraded out nexus installation to the latest release (3.x). Is there any way to get the latest version of a given snapshot artifact? Nexus 2 had a nice API which is not supported anymore. Same question (but for the old version) has been answered here: Sonatype Nexus REST Api fetch latest build version Any ideas are highly appreciated

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Possible to change gem sources for chef-client?

Is any one aware of a way to change the gem sources for a chef-client run? My node of concern is behind a firewall, so I want to replace rubygems.org with an internal Nexus repo (https://github.com/sonatype/nexus-ruby-support). I tried updating the source list for 'chef embedded gem', but the offending chef_gem calls seem to be using a different

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Releasing a multi-module maven project with Git

I'm trying to release a multi-module maven project that uses git as the SCM, and among the first problems I've encountered is the way in which the maven release plugin builds the release.properties scm.url. My parent POM looks something like this: <packaging>pom</packaging> <groupId>org.project</groupId> <artifactId>p

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Why is butterknife 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT not resolving?

I want using AndroidX library and below is my Gradle setup for Butterknife app:module Dependency implementation 'com.jakewharton:butterknife:9.0.0-SNAPSHOT' annotationProcessor 'com.jakewharton:butterknife-compiler:9.0.0-SNAPSHOT' Plugin apply plugin: 'com.jakewharton.butterknife' Project Dependency dependencies { classpath 'com.andro

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how install maven on eclipse

i want to install maven plug in on eclipse. but when add the maven site in install software section, and beginning to download and install it, an error occurred about dependency. how can fix it? i want a complete installation guide... Solution first which dependencies are missing? A good maven plugin for eclipse is the eclipse maven sonatype, m2e

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