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Why inline source maps?

Today I learned that it is possible to include source maps directly into your minified JavaScript file instead of having them in a separate example.min.map file. I wonder: why would anybody want to do something like that? The benefit of having source maps is clear to me: one can for example debug errors with the original, non-compressed source fil

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Source maps with grunt

Do you know of a workflow that includes source maps for an app compiled with grunt? I am well aware of plugins like uglifyjs that allow you to simply generate a source map. But I'm looking for incorporating this into a more complex workflow, rather than just making a one-off source map. I've noticed that the most popular Yeoman generators (that I

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GWT source maps in production

GWT supports source maps in super dev mode. Unfortunately, they seem not to work in production mode, despite the fact that I added source maps option to my *.gwt.xml file. How to enable them there? Solution Have a look at how this is done for GWT's own website: https://gwt.googlesource.com/gwt-site-webapp/ /master/src/main/java/com/google/gwt/si

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Gulp browserify 6to5 source maps

I'm trying to write a gulp task allowing me to use modules in JS (CommonJS is fine), using browserify 6to5. I also want source mapping to work. So: 1. I write modules using ES6 syntax. 2. 6to5 transpiles these modules into CommonJS (or other) syntax. 3. Browserify bundles the modules. 4. Source maps refers back to the original ES6 files.

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How can I enable Source Maps for Sass in rails 4?

According to this issue https://github.com/rails/sass-rails/pull/192 sass-rails hasn't support for Sass 3.3 yet. But it seems that sass-rails-source-maps has been depending on Sass 3.3 since the very beginning. So is there a way to use this gem with sass-rails? According to the readme with sass-rails-source-maps, Chrome dropped support of the Sou

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Source maps files in production - Is it safe?

I'm using UglifyJS to minify and uglify my sources, and Sentry to report errors from my production environment. In order to get errors from Sentry, in a readable manner, I need to add source-map Is it safe to do it in production servers, or the source-maps files should only exist on staging environment? Is there a way to secure them on productio

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Problems generating source map files with current Gulp setup

I have set up a gulpfile.js in my project. It's working pretty nicely mostly, except when it comes to generating source maps, especially for the LESS files it compiles to CSS. I have put together a gist which contains all the files in my gulp setup. Please note that other than the gulp file.js itself, all the other files are inside a directory cal

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Firebug does not display my JavaScript files

I am building a web application with AngularJS en typescript in VS2012. These TypeScript files are all compiled into JavaScript files and send to the client using Bundles (all options turned off, thus I'm sending all files individually). In Firebug HTML view I can see all my JavaScript files, but in the scripts tab, only my TypeScript files are

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